Winter Weddings and Unique Party Planning Ideas  

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Winter Weddings Canada
Having a winter wedding can make for some magical moments and beautiful wedding photos. Snowy backdrops and twinkling lights are a sure way to create a memorable setting! But the season can also come with some challenges that require a spin on the traditional wedding planning ideas. Here are a few unique ideas and tips that will help your winter wedding go off without a hitch!

Winter Wedding Tips

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Choose winter footwear

When it comes to moving between venues and heading out for photos, you want to make sure your footwear is up to the task! Soggy high heels and dress shoes are sure to put a damper on the rest of the night. Opt for stylish winter boots and a change of shoes for a seamless transition.

Consider your photo background when choosing colours

If you are taking photos outside snowy landscapes can result in a beautiful but overly neutral backdrop. Combat the possibility of your bridal party blending in by choosing darker and bolder colours like reds, greens and purples.

Serve hot drinks to guests

Help guests warm up by having hot drinks at the ready for their arrival. Offering a hot chocolate buffet table is a great way to have some seasonal fun.

Gift wintery wedding favours

Items like mulled cider mixes, hot chocolate kits, Irish Cream spirits or homemade cookies are a cute and seasonal way to thank your guests for joining your day.

Keep your guests toasty warm

Have handwarmers in cute covers available in various spots around your venue, and set up a cozy corner with an electric fireplace going if your venue will allow it.

Plan for layers with your wedding party outfits

If your wedding will be outside or you plan to head out for photos, work with your wedding party to make sure they stay warm. Incorporate faux fur shawls, tailored coats, matching mittens or ear muffs and tights or long johns under long dresses.

Use the season as your theme

There are so many ways to use the winter season to your advantage!

  • Bring out the sparkle of fresh snow with glitter in your décor, dresses and bouquets
  • Embrace the cold with warm drinks and stylish clothing choices
  • Take seasonal photos outside with bold choices in your colour scheme

Choose flowers that will last all season long

Winter means a limited selection for flower choices, so using paper or silk flowers can give you more options and offer a unique and crafty element to your day. Or try making a bouquet with vintage brooches and jewels!

Play with lighting

Since the sun sets so early in the winter you’ll need to consider lighting choices in your décor plan. Make use of seasonal white Christmas lights, beautiful candles (real or faux) and vintage lamps to create ambiance in your reception hall.

Be prepared with seasonal necessities

Arm your guests and bridal party with a Winter Care Kit including tissues, lip balm, lozenges and moisturizers to help ward off any cold symptoms.

Embrace the cold and enjoy your wedding day!

Planning your winter wedding is a great way to get creative and include some fun seasonal touches to the day. Embrace the cold weather and the wintery theme, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to relaxation on your honeymoon!

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