What to Look for in a Wedding Catering Service

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When choosing a caterer for your wedding day there are many things to consider. Of course, how their food tastes is going to play a large role in your whole experience. Beyond that, what’s important? There are many things to think about before settling on the perfect wedding catering service for your big day. You may have other questions to ask them before you sign the agreement, but these are the main points you’ll want to think about before you commit. 

Wedding Catering Service Questions & Checklist

1. How is the food quality

When choosing a caterer for your wedding the most important factor to consider is whether you actually like the food. A catering company can have all the amazing reviews and best pricing options but if you don’t like the food they’re serving there’s no way you’ll be happy with your overall experience.

2. Will they honour your cultural expectations

A great catering company will be able to incorporate your cultural wants into your meal package. Whether that means cooking a certain style of food or menu option or respecting the timeline your cultural ceremony sets out for them, a caterer should be willing to accommodate the details that will really make your day special.

3. Will they offer delivery

While most caterers offer some sort of delivery arrangement, this is something you definitely want to address in your initial conversation. If you are holding the event outside of their delivery area, they may charge you an extra fee to deliver or not be willing to make the trip at all. These small details can end up having a big effect on your wedding day.

4. Do they have good reviews

Taking the time to check out the reviews of a caterer is one of the best ways to ensure that the image in your mind is sure to be brought to life. Clients who have already experienced what the caterer has to offer and are willing to share their opinion will offer great insight into what you can expect from them.

5. Can you do a tasting in advance

Before choosing your wedding menu it’s natural to want to taste some dishes to decide exactly what you’d like to serve to your guests. Check with your caterer whether they offer a tasting event before you commit to a menu and how much this will cost per person.

6. Can you bundle services

While many caterers only offer food and services related to that, others are able to offer a package including everything from chair rentals to complete party set up. Choosing a company that can offer more than just simple food services can both save you some money and take some stress off your plate. If your caterer can offer decorating, food, bartending, plate clearing, set up, tear down and late-night service, this can reduce the number of contracts you sign and the number of moving parts you have to worry about on your wedding day.

7. Do you like them

How you feel about your catering company will go far when it comes to the whole experience. When you like the people behind the company and feel confident that they will deliver an exceptional event for you, you are more likely to enjoy your wedding day. With so many things that come together to create the perfect wedding, the last thing you need to be thinking about is whether a catering company will actually deliver on their promises.

8. Do you feel good about the value

While the actual price is always something to consider, a more important factor is the overall value for the price you are paying. Even if the actual cost is much higher with one caterer over another, the experience they offer or the food they promise may be worth the investment.

A great caterer can make your wedding unforgettable

Choosing the perfect wedding caterer doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. While food is only a small part of the day, it can make a big impact, so picking a great caterer can help you feel confident that your wedding day will be spectacular.

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