Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions

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Wedding Party Gifts to Say Thank You!

Choosing great wedding party gifts starts with imagination and great wedding planning. Check out ideas for the entire bridal party – bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and parents of the bride and groom, too! Get fabulous wedding ideas by the editors at Canada Weds!

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Types of Wedding Tuxedos – Tuxes Fit for a Groom!

The wedding gown is a big part of the wedding plan, but don’t forget the Groom and his tuxedo! Or tuxes for the wedding party, too! Canada Weds shares some great advice on the hottest wedding tuxedo trends and what’s hot for the 2011-2012 tuxedo wedding season.

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Cultural Wedding Traditions in Canada

Cultural wedding traditions from around the world are experienced right here in Canada with our diverse cultures and range of ethnicities. From Chinese to Indian traditions and beyond…explore with us!

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Wedding Favour Customs

There are many wedding favour traditions that vary by culture. One thing in common across them all is that a keepsake gift for your wedding guests is a must-have. Canada is rich in culture and here we share ideas and favour giving inspiration!

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