As Canada Weds is about weddings and “all things Canadian”, we thought we’d give some tips for online shopping – Canadian style. Canadian brides planning their big day are always looking for the best deals around. At Canada Weds, “we get it”! Shopping online can not only save you time, but some loonies, as well!

Wedding boutiques – from wedding dress shops to wedding favour stores – are few and far between, typically slim pickings in an average size Canadian city. Does that limit our Canadian selection? No way. At Canada Weds we not only present you with a great listing of Canadian wedding vendors in our exclusively Candian wedding directory – we provide great “Canadian only” content from leading Canadian wedding industry experts. Want to get great ideas from a bridal seamstress? Want to explore local wedding vendors?

Shopping online, Canadian brides have tremendous choice not otherwise found locally. Plan your wedding to the precise detail – get the perfect wedding photographer to capture your memories forever, get great wedding favours to thank your guests, and explore great Canadian wedding travel destinations. Our expert articles will educate and inspire you with fresh ideas – learn from an expert bridal seamstress or from Canada’s leading e-tailers. You can blog and contribute your own wedding ideas and experiences at Canada Weds, too!

Why shop online with Canadian vendors? Well for one, it’ll give you a warm feeling inside! “Oh, Canada…” (you know that song, eh?!). Seriously, there are many benefits. How about saving on shipping charges, gas costs (driving around costs a loonie a litre, no?), time – lots of time – and of course, shopping outside of Canada costs a tonne. Wha?

For example, a Canadian bride shopping for a U.S. retailer might be attracted by seemingly low prices BUT consider…

  1. Exchange Rate Costs – those U.S. dollars cost you more Canadian dollars!
  2. Bank Charges – you don’t get the exchange rate you might think, all credit cards take their exchange fees – so add a few percent there!
  3. Customs Duties-Taxes – this surprise usually comes at your door on delivery! You’ll think you’re saving until you take delivery, then you’re stuck.

….Shoulda bought Canadian, right?

With so many great Canadian online wedding planning and buying choices, why would you go elsewhere? Take a look around Canada Weds, get some great ideas, and stay within your wedding budget. After all, the more you can save on your wedding day, the more you’ll have to start your wonderful “happily ever after”.

See You “Online”, Editor