Wedding Planning: Are You Overlooking Great Canadian Vendors?

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Wedding planning is a big deal. This day is supposed to be the biggest, best one of your life and any bride will tell you they’ve never planned anything quite like it. Of course, you’re already thinking about the obvious stuff like your dress, gowns for your bridesmaids, the venue for the ceremony, your honeymoon destination, and so on. But with all the people involved, plus the many stages of the day, it’s easy to overlook important details that are vitally important. With that in mind, make sure you didn’t forget to consider any of the often-overlooked vendors on this list:

Wedding stationery

On the surface, thinking about stationery for your wedding may seem a bit boring. But the truth is that thoughtful attention to details like these is what will set your wedding apart from other ho-hum events.

Begin by getting your guests excited to attend from the moment they receive your invite. Everything from the envelope to the invitation within should make a statement, and match the theme of your special day. This will help build anticipation for the wedding.

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But it doesn’t stop there. You should also ensure you have chic place cards picked out for the tables at your wedding reception (otherwise your guests won’t know where to sit down).

And whether or not gifts or presentation money is customary in your circles, you’ll be sending out thank-you cards after you return from your honeymoon. Make sure to show your appreciation for all that you’ve received by taking the time to select beautiful thank-you cards.

Accessories are an important part of your wedding planning

Don’t forget that your attire goes far beyond your dress. To truly make a splash and look your very best, you need to accessorize. Choose shoes that are comfortable, yet stylish. If you’re wearing a floor length gown, white, satin ballet slippers are popular because they look cute on the rare occasion that they come into view, but are ridiculously comfortable for the bride. If your dress is short enough to expose your feet all day, then go with the tried-and-true high heels. Your hair will need some extras beyond great styling: no bridal outfit is complete without a hair piece and veil. Some brides choose a simple decorative comb to hold the veil in place, others prefer a dramatic tiara.

Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours Canada by Artisano Designs

Favours for wedding guests have been a long-standing tradition as far back as anyone can remember. They’re a great way to delight your guests and make sure they know how much you appreciate their attendance.

There are items for every budget and taste imaginable. So whether you’re dealing with a massive guest list and small budget per item, or a small guest list and larger budget per item, you’ll have no trouble finding a perfect fit.

Wedding Flowers

You should have more than just the flowers in your bouquet. Your bridesmaids will need their own clutches of blooms. The groom and groomsmen will need boutonnieres. Other places where you’ll need to add some floral decor include the venues for the reception and ceremony. Think of ways you can use flowers and greenery to jazz up the welcome table at the reception, dinner tables, and even seat backs. For the ceremony, in addition to the usual floral displays next to the bride and groom, there can be flowers at the end of each row of seats. This makes for absolutely stunning photographs of the bride’s walk down the flower-lined aisle. Another nice touch for photos is to have your flower girl sprinkle petals all the way down the path you’re about to walk as you make your way to the groom.

Finding the right wedding vendors is the key to successful wedding planning

Make yourself a list of all the vendors you don’t want to forget about during the process of organizing everything for your big day. This ensures you won’t overlook any important details and that your day will be every bit as perfect as you hope! For best results, complete this process over a period of a few days — that will give you the best chance of remembering to include everything that your family’s traditions and modern norms have made necessary components of a well-done wedding.


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