At Canada Weds and elsewhere (but why bother!), you’ll find many great photographers in your local area within Canada. So what distinguishes a great photographer from a nightmare experience?

Canadian brides are smart if nothing else, and ultimately you and your hubby to be, or your certified wedding planner, will be able to find the right wedding photographer for you.

Although we can’t recommend specific photographers, here are some tips for you as you plan to interview potential photographers (wedding videographers for that matter, too) for the events leading up to your wedding, and the wedding day itself.

1. Interview Your Photographer!

We already gave this one away – interview potential photography service providers. You must feel comfortable with them.
If the photographer is the owner, they have more at stake and their name is directly on the line. You might prefer to be dealing with the person who is “promising” service, to deliver that service.

2. Wedding Photographer References!

Absolutely check the references of any photographers references. Once you get comfortable with a photographer you’d like to hire, don’t skip this important step. Ask for a few references (and make sure they’re not relatives 🙂 Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the straight goods on any service provider, including photographers.

3. Keep to Your Wedding Budget

Wedding photography is a highly personalized service. Although most offer wedding photo packages, ensure that there is one right for you or ask that you get a custom package. Fair is fair, and never be afraid to negotiate. If you’re dealing with the photographer owner or not, don’t be afraid to go after your best deal.

4. Careful with Your Deposit!

Feeling comfortable with your selected wedding photographer doesn’t mean forking over your money in full. You’ll likely need to provide a deposit, but the less you put down, the better off you’ll be.

5. Shop Around for Best Value

Focus on quality and price – yep, that’s value. Canadian brides deserve the best value – don’t you? The expression you get what you pay for often applies, but balance your expectations with the price.

6. Professional Photographers are the Pros

Absolutely give them clear direction and outline expectations – who you want pictures of, what type of vibe you’re going for, etc. By nature, though, photographers that are “real pros” need some creative freedom. Given some freedom, many can really come up with imaginative ideas (without just trying to please on the wedding day) that will provide outstanding shots and memories of your wedding day.

The best tips for hiring a wedding photographer can also come from reputable photographers themselves. If they know you’re comparison shopping, they’ll be sure to point out things to ask when you’re talking to “the other guys”.

Until next time, good luck.

Canada Weds Editor