Canadian couples love their limos! As one of the most common wedding day transportation options, limousines are a stylish, romantic way to make your way around during your big wedding day. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, from when the bride gets picked up to when the bridal party is returned to their cars, here are a few easy tips to follow.

Look for Limo Deals and Promotions

Act your part as the blushing bride when phoning up the limo company. You may receive free champagne or a package upgrade simply by asking. Just remember that you’ll never know if you don’t enquire about any special deals that they may be able to give you. 

Plan Ahead – How Much Limousine Time is Needed?

Have a look at the length of the journey from your home to the church or wedding reception. As most limousines have to be hired for at least 3 hours, you may be better off hiring something more affordable if you will only be on the road for less than an hour.

The better limo companies in Canada require good lead time for booking, often booking six months beforehand. Just as you would leave time to purchase bridal shower favors and arrange the caterers for your reception, so too should you phone the limo company and make a reservation ahead of time.

Be Savvy – Read the Limousine Rental Contract

Read over the contract carefully before you sign. Get all of the payment and deposit details in written form and ensure that all information, such as the date, time, driver’s name and make of car, is included. This will keep you safe and free from unforeseen changes in the future.

Don’t place a large deposit on the bill. If the service is great, leave a tip instead so that you can save money in the process. It will also help to find out if a tip is expected beforehand, and this should be listed somewhere in the contract.
Make the final reservation in person at your local Canadian limo company. Before you sign on the dotted line, double check the cars and ask which one you will be getting. If they cannot guarantee a specific vehicle, at least you can get an idea of the condition of their fleet.

Give Yourself Plenty of  Time

Talk to your chauffeur before the big day. Inform him of all of the important details, such as where to pick you up and where to go, to give him time to decide on which route to take. You should also tell him of any special considerations that may need to be taken.

Ask one of your bridesmaids to call up the driver at least 20 minutes before the designated pickup time so that you can be sure that your ride is coming along as scheduled. You will have double checked your wedding decorations before the big day and the same applies to your wedding transportation.

Plan for the Unexpected – Limo Company Contacts

Finally, make sure that you get an after-hours phone number for the limo company in case something comes up on the day. While we hope that an emergency doesn’t occur, having this number can still provide you with a backup plan in case anything happens.