Ok Canada, we’ve all had this “gift giving” dilemma. Your friend or family member is getting married and you are stuck for gift ideas for the newly wed couple. Since the future bride and groom are about to embark on one of the biggest journeys they can undertake, it is important that your present reflects this. Here are some ideas that may come in useful when choosing the perfect item for the happy couple.

Money – Possibly The Perfect Wedding Gift

While it may seem impersonal or unimaginative, giving cash actually makes a lot of sense when it comes to giving newly married couples a gift – perhaps one they need most! After spending so much on their wedding – from wedding favors to caterers to photographers – they may be feeling some financial strain. On the other hand, they may be saving up for something big such as a car or a house, and you can get them closer to their goals by giving them a money gift. In fact, in traditional European-Canadian weddings (Italian, Greek, etc) and other cultures, a wedding gift box (i.e. money box) is often at the reception table.

A Luxury “Honeymoon Suite” Hotel Room

If the lucky couple is spending a night or two at home before they embark on their honeymoon, it may be a good idea to send them off to a luxury Canadian hotel during this time. Not only will they get to spend some quiet time alone with each other amongst elegant surroundings but it will also seem like they have started their honeymoon early. Just make sure to check with the mother of the bride before booking to ensure that they haven’t made any other plans at the time.

Honeymoon Assistance Gift

If you have already been to the place that the bride and groom are going to on their honeymoon, you can help make the moment even more special by arranging a tour or activity there that you know will be truly memorable. And if they are going somewhere you haven’t been, you could always do something else such as upgrade them to first class seating or purchase them a decent digital camera for the trip. Some extra spending money could also come in handy here.

Their Dream Wedding Gift

If a couple has a gift registry for their wedding, they will generally list a range of items, some more affordable than others. The most expensive items will be presents that they would really love but don’t really expect to receive. To put a smile on their faces and reward them for putting so much time and effort in arranging a fantastic wedding party and the like, it may be a good idea to spend a bit more cash on these items. Of course, if you cannot afford that particular gift, you can still get together with some friends or family and make it a group wedding party gift instead.

Of course, there are many more gift ideas that are suitable for the Canadian bride and groom, regardless of their tastes and personalities. If you have any advice in this area about presents that were a hit or that weren’t so well received, please help us out by leaving a comment below.