Wedding transportation is one more thing to consider as part of your wedding day budget, which happens to be one of the most important days of your life. It also might be the most expensive day of your life! Total costs can range from budget affairs costing as little as a few thousand dollars to huge, splashy parties costing as much as forty thousand dollars or more!
Whether you’re sparing no expense or cutting corners – there will be a fantastic option for you.

Follow Your Interests or Hobby

Renting limousines or party buses for your wedding transportation needs is a common choice. You can also get creative, though.  Many couples meet via a mutual interest, or maybe one of you has a particular hobby. Your transport is a great way to incorporate this into your day. However don’t forget that the time of year and weather is going to play a big role in your decision.

For example, a golf buggy for golfing partners or enthusiasts will be a gentle, gliding journey in the warmer months.

Horses are often used with carriages, but if you’re having a winter wedding, how about a horse-drawn sleigh? This is a particularly great option for Christmas weddings – you can use a large woollen blanket (that matches your wedding colours) to keep you warm.

Motorcycle enthusiasts should consider a motorcycle. You might only be able to do a short trip, side-saddle in your gown, but what an entrance! Or if you love the idea of a 2-wheeling entrance, but don’t want a full-fledged motorbike, consider going side saddle on a scooter!

Rural weddings mean you have options that city dwellers don’t. Why not celebrate the rural farm lifestyle by hitching a ride on the back of a tractor trailer amongst the hay bales?
Transport with International Flair

Today more than ever, Canadian families are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic mixing pot. Choosing a mode of transport that reflects your families’ and guests’ background can be a fantastic way to theme your wedding.

Why not rig up your own version of a Southeast Asian tuk-tuk or trishaw, or a “New York” cab? If you want some Italian flavour for your transport, and you just happen to be getting married on a church along the river, how about a gondola, a la Venice, Italy? If you put your thinking cap on, you’ll come up with tons of ideas from around the world!

Budget Transportation Options

School Bus for WeddingsMany brides do, but you don’t have to provide transportation for everyone in your bridal party, plus family. Most of them probably have their own cars, so can get to the ceremony and wedding venues that way. As for the bride and groom, there is nothing wrong with saving on transport costs by using a regular family vehicle for transportation. You can make it festive on a budget by buying dollar-store pom poms, balloons, or streamers, and decorating it yourself!

If you have a bit more to spend, and want to get the bridal party plus some close friends and family transported to the wedding all together, call your local school bus company as many can provide school buses and even limo party buses for weddings.  School buses are generally a lot less expensive than an executive coach bus, and by the time you finish decorating it, it’ll feel more than festive enough!

Extravagant Splash Outs

If budget isn’t too much of a problem or you’re looking for something really special, why not splash out. Stretch limos provide upscale comfort and ensure you arrive in style.

A limousine has room for the bride, bridesmaids, and the father of the bride too. A perk is that you might even be able to sneak a glass of Champagne on your way.

For those sporty types, a Porsche or Ferrari might be the winner for you. Make sure you check which colour you’ll get, since matching it with your wedding theme will make an even better forever photo.

Arriving by sea or air will depend on your location. A helicopter, hot air balloon, light aircraft or boat will definitely ensure your entrance is one to remember!
If you’re just timeless at heart, classic and vintage cars bring a sense of nostalgia and class to your arrival. Choose from a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler or Pontiac among many others.

Of course accommodating all these family members means that a bus might be a more practical option. A modern executive coach bus can be fun – it’s like having a dressing room, lounge and transport all in one!

The Right Wedding Transportation for You!

All these wedding day transportation options make it a difficult decision. But by taking into consideration three main factors: you and your partner’s interests, practical requirements, and budget, you’ll be well on your way to making the right transportation choice for your special day.

Remember to book in advance to guarantee availability and think about when and how long you need the transport for. Payment terms tend to differ; it could be by the hour or by the mile, and often minimum charges apply. Get your wedding planning wheels in motion!
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