Got the gown, now what about everything else? Accessories are the key to making you and your gown sparkle on your wedding day. Here’s a look at the options to accentuate your look and provide you with those vital finishing touches.

Head – lines: Veils, Headbands, Tiaras, Wreaths and Combs

Your wedding day hair accessories can make or break your wedding day look. There are choices to suit any taste; including veils, headbands, tiaras and more.
You’re going to come across a large variety of veil styles, lengths and fabrics. A full length veil goes well with a classic ball gown since they balance each other out. Alternatively, a birdcage veils offer a vintage look and goes best with shorter or more modern dress designs.

Headbands and tiaras are versatile as they can be worn with your hair down or up, with side headbands being most popular at the moment. A tiara brings the focal point to the front of your hair and offers a good alternative to the veil.
Full floral wreaths top off the boho-look and you can match it with floral details on the gown. One single hair flower is a lovely, gentile accessory and ideal with a fitted dress.

Hair combs enable you to put some, if not all, of your hair in an up-do and can be worn separately to a veil, so that you still have some hair decoration once the veil is removed. Hair pins look good protruding from an up-do, such as a bun, twist or plait.

Accessorize with Jewellery

Earrings can make a big statement, or be understated, and the choice you make depends on your dress and hair style. Large, sparkly earrings can bring some bling to a low key dress. Alternatively if your dress is already full of sparkles, a smaller more subtle pair will probably look better.
If your hairstyle is down, it may be difficult to see your earrings, so larger earrings will stand out better.
Pearls are timeless and lovely set against the shades of white in a wedding gown. New designs will give a modern element to a classic wedding dress. Alternatively bring a hint of old-world class to your modern attire. Necklaces are often thought best to compliment strapless necklines, but retro looks reminiscent of the 1930s with high necklines and chunky necklaces can look striking.
Silver jewellery has been more in vogue in modern times, particularly for weddings. But gold jewellery is making a comeback and goes particularly well with off-white coloured wedding dresses, such as shades of champagne. Silver matches well with pure white wedding dresses. Once you’ve decided, make sure all of your jewellery is of the same metal, since a mixture will clash and not look good.

Dressing it Up

Gloves are a more traditional accessory, often seen in the 1950s and earlier. But if you have a traditional gown, they can set off your look particularly well.
If your wedding is in wintertime, you might need to consider wearing a jacket or coat to match your dress. If so outer garments look better on simpler gowns, so don’t opt for anything too fussy as far as your dress goes.
You might not think you need a bag for your wedding day, but a clutch can be a girl’s best friend and accessory on her big day. From plain to detailed, match it to your necklace or other jewellery and it’ll make your look pop. And on a practical note, you’ll now have something to stash a few tissues in… just in case your eyes overflow with happy tears.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

You and your dress are already going to be stunning, so whatever you decide on for bridal accessories, keep it minimal and tasteful to compliment your dress and hairstyle. But accessories aren’t a last minute touch-up – plan them well in advance as part of your overall preparation to achieve the look you want.
Think about changing up your look with accessories during the day, from classic bride for the ceremony to party style in the evening for the reception. Don’t forget your bridesmaids too; some matching accessories for them will tie your entire wedding-style together. There are a lot of wedding shops right here in Canada, so shop locally or shop online today.


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