Unique Bridal Shower Party Ideas (as Unique as You!)

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Unique Bridal Shower Party Ideas
When planning a wedding shower there are SO MANY ideas to be found online. Even a quick search on Pinterest can yield countless results! All of those options can get overwhelming to sift through though, so we’ve complied a list of some of the most unique and exciting ideas so you can put together a unique and exciting bridal shower with minimal stress to celebrate the brides special day!

Uniquely You Bridal Shower Tips

  1. Offer your guests a peek into the couples tastes with a signature drink bar

Combine their tastes with a ‘his, hers & theirs’ display. The bride and groom can each choose their favourite cocktail (or non-alcoholic beverage), and together choose one that they both love. Serve these drinks in labeled beverage servers, with ‘theirs’ in the middle signifying their union.

  1. Offer a candy buffet in the wedding colours

Give guests a sneak peek of the wedding by creating a candy buffet for them featuring the wedding colours. This doubles as fun décor, and a do-it-yourself party favour!

  1. Game: Right Left

When your guests are gathered in a circle, have them listen to your story as you read it out loud. The story can be one you right yourself, or one you grab from this website. Basically, your story will be filled with the words ‘right’ and ‘left’, and the guests will pass wrapped prizes around the circle, following your directions. Whoever is holding the prize when the story is done wins! Ideally you’ll have a few small prizes, and can spread them out around the circle before your start so that a few people will win prizes.

  1. Recipe card book

Send a recipe card with each invitation and ask each guest to use it to write down their favourite family recipe. When each guest arrives, they can add their recipe to the waiting book, so the couple has a personalized cook book from the people in their lives to start their new life together.

  1. Wish jar

Guests write a wish for the couple and put it in a decorative jar or box. On their first anniversary the couple opens the jar and reads the wishes together.

  1. Allow everyone to decorate their own wine/champagne/water glass

Have a table with decorations and a few fun examples for guests to use for inspiration. Provide ‘self stick’ decorations and quick dry glue or a glue gun for them to decorate their glass before they grab a drink

  1. Ask everyone to come prepared with a brief favourite memory of the bride or groom to share with the bride/couple

Guests get an inside look at life before the couples’ union, and the bride &/or couple get a fun throwback from all their friends and family

  1. Ice Cream buffet

Offer a spread of favourite toppings and ice cream flavours, so each guest can customize their dessert. Try to stick to the wedding colours to keep the theme going! This could pair well with a candy buffet.

  1. Make a personalized guest book

Display a globe for guests to write their well wishes and greetings on. Makes an amazing display piece as they await their wedding day!

  1. Have a terrarium making party

Provide bowls, succulents and decorations for the guests, and spend some time designing and planting them. Guests make their own party favour, and have fun in the process

  1. Create a date jar for bride- and groom-to-be

Fill a mason jar or bowl with large popsicle sticks with a sign with the explanation, and let the guests have fun!

  1. Have a ring hunt

Hit the dollar store to pick up 30-40 cheap rings, and hide them around the room the party will be held in. Have a sign as guests enter explaining that there will be a prize for whoever finds the most rings

  1. Use a heart cookie cutter…

Use the heart cookie cutter to cut hearts out of different slices of fruit for a themed fruit bowl

  1. Use heart shaped silicone trays…

To to make heart shaped ice. Add fruit to make fruit-flavoured additions for a themed party drink!

It’s Time! Go plan your unique bridal shower!

Planning a wedding shower comes with a lot of work in terms of sifting through ideas and suggestions. Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for how to make your shower unique and interesting! Choose your theme, then choose some of these ideas to help make it an event to remember!

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