While most of the attention prior to a wedding will go to the bride and her wedding gown, it is important that the groom look his best as well! Of course, the Groom’s tuxedo is the quintessential outfit to wear when and a traditional part of most Canadian weddings. Choosing the right tux, however, is harder than it looks. Similarly to when shopping for wedding favours, decor or the wedding venue, it is important to look around carefully and pick the right tux for the soon-to-be husband.

The Classic Tuxedo

For over a century now, this style of tux has been there at formal occasions of all types. Essentially a suit with a few modifications – such as woolen woven fabric and lapels (with notches or peaks) that contrast with this material – this is the easiest option for anyone looking for the perfect wedding day outfit. This style is traditionally black, although you can also find other colors out there on the market.

The Shawl Tuxedo

The main difference between the shawl and the classic tuxedo is that the collar has no notches or peaks. It is a simpler design that is now being seen at formal occasions around the world. As well as this, the smooth lapel is very slimming, perfect for those men with larger body shapes searching for the right outfit to get married in.

The Midnight Tuxedo

To stand out from the crowd, this tuxedo is certainly a good choice. Its midnight blue fabric is certainly elegant and will be a great fashion statement for the future husband. It can actually look blacker than some traditional black tuxedos in certain lighting, meaning that the overall surroundings, such as wedding decor and location, will complement the groom’s outfit, making him the center of attention.

The Gray Tuxedo

If you want something more unusual, this is your choice. While black and the darker shades are certainly more traditional, they are not the only options out there. Many English weddings feature a groom in gray ‘morning suits’.  If you do choose to wear a gray tuxedo, then make sure that everything else is in the classic style. Retain the notched or peaked lapels and the covered buttons, and the groom will stand out without looking out of style.

The Evening Suit

For those looking for a more risqué option, there are several non-tuxedo suits that are still highly suitable to be worn at your wedding day. With a silk-patterned suit, the soon-to-be husband will be the talk of the reception for all sorts of positive reasons. Break with tradition and show the world how much of an individual you can be in one of the most romantic settings on Earth.

Of course, if you have any styling tips or wedding ideas for the Canadian groom, please leave them in the comments below. The world of tuxedos is constantly growing and evolving and we are looking for any tips and advice that you can give. This is an important moment for the groom and they should be given the best when it comes to looking stylish and manly on their wedding day.