On the big day, is it important that a future wife shows her best face to all those at the wedding. This can seem more difficult than it really is though, especially since the makeup has to last all day while providing a look that is both beautiful and natural at the same time.

Hire a Professional Make Up Artist

If you have scheduled an appointment with a professional makeup artist the day of the wedding, the following tips may help you get a look that you will be most happy with:

  • Cut out pictures from fashion magazines such as Flare or Glow to show to the makeup artist. It is important to show photos of makeup that you like and don’t like so that the professional has a good idea of your style and taste.
  • Schedule a complete makeup application prior to the big day to make sure that everything is perfect. This can be before the rehearsal dinner, your bridal shower or a romantic evening alone with your future husband.
  • Bring along a photo of your wedding dress so that the artist knows exactly what style to aim for. The cut and design of your dress will tell them how elegant, romantic and formal your wedding will be.
  • Bring along your favorite lipstick and foundation. These are tried and true and work for you, so why bother changing them? Unlike choosing wedding party supplies or a veil, deciding on how you apply your makeup is something that you should be very familiar with.

Are You Your Own Best Maekup Expert?

On the other hand, you may prefer to do your makeup by yourself on the morning of the big day. In this case, the following tips should be helpful.

  • Your foundation should blend into your skin within 2 or 3 strokes. If it doesn’t, you are using the wrong shade or have applied too much.
  • To lighten up those under eye circles, apply an opposing color of eye shadow before putting on the foundation. For example, soft pink should be applied to grey coloring.
  • To ensure that your foundation stays on all day, take a folded tissue and gently pat it onto your skin, removing any excess oils contained within the makeup.
  • Don’t use a powder puff. Instead, lightly brush on any powder with a soft brush as this will give you shiny skin a lot faster.
  • For the blush, use a brush that is about the same size as your cheeks. Brush the color on from the apples of your cheeks up towards your temples.
  • To ensure that your lipstick lasts throughout the ceremony, put some powder on your lips before applying. Afterwards, blot, powder and then apply again.

By following all of these techniques, you will end up looking absolutely radiant on your big day. The average bride spends hours going over custom wedding favors, decorations and the like, and once those are perfect it will be time for her to focus on herself instead.