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Stay on Wedding Budget - Wedding Tips
When it comes to your wedding it’s easy to get lost in the planning. From flowers to food to your dress… There’s so many areas that you could spend money! $100 here, $1000 there… it may not seem like much but those little expenses can sure add up in the end. It’s easy to focus on creating a wonderful day without considering the potential debt you’re creating!

Here’s a few tips on how to stay on budget so you can start your life together on the right foot, with no lingering wedding debt to settle (while keeping the peace)!

How to Stay on Budget

Pick an off-season date

Most weddings are held in the spring and summer, so venues often compensate for this and raise their rates. Choose an ‘off-season’ date to take advantage of venue and décor discounts.

If you’re planning a destination wedding keep in mind that whatever location you choose might have different wedding season dates!

Investigate venue location options

You don’t have to go for a fancy venue to have an amazing wedding! A community hall, historic site, aquarium or local park might be the perfect low budget setting for your nuptials. Do you know someone with a large yard? Consider holding your wedding on their property!

Print your own invitations or order online

From paper choices to desired style there are so many options that can drive the price up. Stay under budget by designing them yourself and printing your own or ordering them online.

Do the décor yourself

Hit the dollar store or shop resale websites and put together your own DIY centerpieces to save some money on décor. Use string lights and candles to play with the ambiance, and search Pinterest for great do-it-yourself décor ideas!

Find deals online

Items like wedding favours, invitations, centerpieces and even room décor can all be found online for great prices. Shop around to find a vendor that can send you more than one of the things you need to save on shipping costs!

At, Canadian brides find all the advice, tools, and vendors they need plus an amazing wedding shop with over 5000 decorating supplies – from favours to invitations to table decor. Shop the shop and use our money saving tips today to stay on-budget!

Choose flowers that are in-season

Talk to your florist about flower options that are available in season so you don’t have to pay extra for them to be sent in. If you must have a certain flower, opt to use it as an accent instead of a feature to stay under budget.

Visit the floral section of a local grocery store instead of a floral shop! They can often put together your flowers for a lower cost.

Consider music options

Live bands are a nice touch, but they can definitely boost up that budget. Look for a DJ instead to stay under budget. If you’re looking to cut costs even further, consider making a playlist yourself and have it set up to play on the venues sound system.

Play with the reception menu

From appetizers to buffet, 3 course meal to midnight snack, there are so many food choices to make. Talk to your caterer about what you can do to stay within budget. If you are having a more low-key event it might even be an option for some friends or family to take on the role of food service!

Hidden Wedding Costs

As with any event, there are always extra costs that you don’t factor into the budget that can send you way over in the end. Here’s a few to keep in mind:

  • Overtime for photographers, DJs, caterer and venue rental. If your schedule is behind or your party is hopping these last-minute schedule changes can send you way over budget with overtime expenses.
  • Don’t forget tips! Even conservative tipping can throw your budget out of whack. Make sure to calculate these costs in your initial budget.
  • Trials aren’t always free. Your bouquet trial or hair & makeup test run might be cheaper than the official go, but there’s often a fee involved.
  • Remember the little stuff. From stamps for the RSVP cards to marriage and liquor license fees. These little extras might not seem like much, but they will add up quickly!

Start your life together without wedding debt!

When planning your wedding it’s important to keep in mind that you want to avoid going into debt. Naturally this is meant to be a magical day, but you don’t want to start your life together on the wrong foot! 10 years from now your memories won’t center on the expensive parts of your wedding, you’ll look back on who you spent the day with and the happy memories you made together.

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