That time of year is quickly approaching: the trees will soon start budding, the snow slowly but surely will melt away to a mere memory of winter, and your spring wedding starts approaching at lightning speed. Spring weddings are a wonderful declaration of new beginnings—and a much welcomed one after so many months of Canadian cold.

There’s no doubt that you’ve been knee-deep in planning for your special day, the stress of the holidays mixing with tasting cake and picking out bridesmaids dresses. In the mix of it all, it is incredibly important to let the little details go by the wayside. These details are often the elements of our weddings that make the most profound statement, and should be addressed in due time. Whereas the focus of the day should be you and your to-be spouse, showing your appreciation for the support of your loved ones is an incredible part of the process, and using wedding favours you can do this almost effortlessly—with fun spring flair.

Because wedding souvenirs are intended to serve as a reminder of your day, it’s best that you purchase them according to one of these rules:

  • Purchase keepsake party favors that are useful. With springtime party favors, this is an incredibly easy rule to follow. Spring is a very action-oriented season, and favors that symbolize cultivation and growth of love can be easily manifested in gardening and flower-related wedding party favors. You could think as small as a wine bottle stopper adorned with cheery blossoms to gardening gloves or an apron. So often, the bomboniere just gets stored away just to be forgotten. Sending your guests off with practical wedding favours is a great way to show your appreciation and inspire.
  • Purchase wedding souvenirs that are attractive. As mentioned, wedding party favors may have a short life on a shelf somewhere in your guests house before being relegated to a box in the attic. Sentimental value is great, but if your keepsake favors have aesthetic value, they’re even better. Think about beautiful little tea light holders with a sailboat motif, or perhaps a versatile botanical print. For spring, floral designs and flowers are entirely appropriate—as are wedding favours that feature butterflies, ladybugs, bees, or any other symbol of spring. Keep your favors simple, but elegant.
  • Purchase unique favors that make a statement. Novelty is a beautiful thing, and the same goes for keepsake favors. Giving your guest something a bit different makes your wedding fun and lighthearted. Think function and creativity, such as a ceramic honey pot to compliment your spring-themed décor—or if you decided to go with a gardening theme, a tool belt for your guests. Birdhouses are quaint and unique, and likely to last. There is such variety out there, so finding affordable wedding favors that are also unique and memorable is not as big of a challenge as it may initially seem.

Embrace this opportunity to celebrate your new beginning with the perfect wedding souvenirs that stand as a symbol for this new chapter in your life. With all of the wedding favors in Canada available, there is no doubt that you will find the one that is perfect for you—and your perfect day.