Here’s some food for thought from the folks at Sure Slim. However you decide to approach your wedding diet, please be careful to ensure you don’t binge with food or starve yourself – always take a healthy approach that works for you and consult your doctor with questions.

“You’ve tried them all – diets, pills, shakes, injections and calorie counting systems – without success. Finally there is a revolutionary approach to dramatic and permanent weight loss that goes beyond traditional dieting. By undergoing comprehensive blood testing to determine individual metabolism and general health, a physician analyzes the blood tests and working in consultation with a team of experts, creating a medically based eating program built on each individual’s blood tests and medical history. This program is designed to correct the client’s metabolism so the hormones responsible for weight control can begin to work properly.

By eating regular grocery store foods, dramatic weight loss can be achieved by balancing the three key hormones that correct your metabolism: insulin, seratonin and HGH – the human growth hormone. With the SureSlim system, startling results can be realized without massive calorie reduction, supplements, pills, injections or strenuous exercise. And Best of all, you don’t have to go through this on your own.

Potential clients can peruse and then book to attend an  information sessions either at the clinic or by phone the program is explained. The next step is to enrol in the program.

Upon enrolment, you will be given a requisition for your blood tests. Corporate Medical Professional, Dr. Morin, and his staff analyse the results of the blood tests and along with medications being taken, their recommendations are passed on to the Programming Department. The Programming Department then prepares an individualized program taking into consideration any food preferences or dislikes you have indicated and forwards your program to the clinic.

Once the client’s customized program is received, careful individual coaching follows to help best implement a customized weight loss plan. Consultants are specially trained to support clients through this process. You have now started on your weight loss journey!

Subsequent weekly appointments are set up to meet in private with a consultant where you will be weighed, measured (once a month) and to discuss progress. There are no public weigh-ins. In addition, clients will receive optional eating plans to allow you to attend social functions, to ensure you don’t continue plateau but continue to lose weight, and a  LifeStyle program which is a maintenance program enables clients to maintain your desired weight.

The secret of SureSlim’s success lies in its extensive medical research, as well as its scientific and personalized strategy. For more information on how you can achieve your weight loss goals call  905-895-SLIM or 1-877-SLIM-977.”