Ok, so you’re stressing out and busier than ever as you plan your wedding – and you cannot afford to NOT fit into your dress, right? Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure you not only fit into that dress, but even lose a few pounds if you need to. Don’t stress about dieting for your wedding, take action!

1. Eat Only if You’re Hungry

It’s called “comfort food” for a reason, right? Eating the food we love calms us, and makes us feel better all around. In the short term anyways. The trouble is, if you’re eating for comfort, and not because you’re hungry, it can lead to weight gain. So make a promise to yourself that you will only eat if you are actually hungry. By listening to your body, you’re way less likely to pile on the pre-wedding pounds from overeating, yet you’ll still get the nutrients and energy you need from food.

2. Adopt a “Never Eat Dessert Alone” Rule

You’ve heard the saying, “Everything in moderation.” Well, if you apply that to your dessert habits, you’ll be able to cut down on pound-packing desserts, without feeling deprived. So go ahead and eat a small piece of birthday cake at the next party, just like everyone else. But do not sit on the couch mindlessly wolfing down potato chips and ice cream in the evenings when you’re chilling out alone in front of the TV. If you’re like most people, you probably snack alone more often than you do with others. So adopting this simple rule will cut down on unnecessary snacking with almost no effort… other than your willpower, that is.

3. Get Some Exercise Every Day

Sure, this isn’t exactly anything to do with eating. But, adopting this one extra tip will turbocharge the results of any efforts you make in your diet. Now don’t go overboard and injure yourself – that’s the last thing you need before your wedding. But, don’t get caught up in the habit of leading a sedentary life either. Make time to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and fit in a 20 minute walk every day. You’ll feel so much better, and your body will benefit from the extra movement. And if you can, try to squeeze in a proper work out 3 times a week, where you participate in more vigorous activity. You can find great physical activity guidelines on that here.

4. Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Some guidelines suggest filling half of every plate with a fruit or vegetable. Most of us don’t get enough of these nutrient-packed foods, so odds are you could do with a bit more of these healthy foods in your diet too. And filling up on low-calory food like fruits and veggies means less room for calory-dense (read: will pack on the pounds) food. At worst, this will help you avoid putting on extra weight, and at best, it might help you lose a few pounds if you need to.

5. Keep a Food Diary

Try it and see – if you write down every single thing you put into your mouth, it becomes ridiculously obvious if you are making any big mistakes when it comes to your food choices. And, you won’t be able to lie to yourself about what you’re eating. It almost becomes a game after a while – you know, how to make your food diary look positively awesome, full of healthy and delicious choices. For inspiration on the types and amounts of food you should be eating, check out Canada’s Food Guide.

Don’t waste any more time worrying about whether you’ll fit into your dress – instead, take action and follow these simple tips! Check out more great wedding health and fitness articles at CanadWeds.ca!


Photo credit © Arne9001 | Dreamstime.com