Some would believe that love makes the world go round, but others would argue that coffee does much the same thing! It’s no wonder, then, that the two work so well together. Coffee themed wedding souvenirs are becoming increasingly popular at Canadian weddings—and for good reason. Not only is the inclusion of these favors often quite clever and attractive, but a good majority of the population drinks coffee—making it a rather practical choice as well. Espresso cup wedding favours in particular are a great way to balance practicality, originality, and great style at your wedding.

Keeping it practical

So often, keepsake favors become merely that: a keepsake that gets thrown into a box where sentimental items are stored unseen and forgotten. When we provide useful and unique favors, however, they become a part of the guest’s household and are so much more. For those that harbor an incredible love for espresso, these favors make grace day-to-day use, but for most they will be used on a special occasion—entirely appropriate given that it was gifted to your guests on a very special day. Even though many only drink espresso on occasion, having those adorable little espresso cups on hand is incredibly practical.

Keeping it original.


With the overwhelming amount of wedding favors in Canada available, finding one that is original may seem daunting. Wedding party favors are so often looked over in the planning process as a last minute detail—all of the attention falling to the bigger elements, such as the dress and the cake. Because your family and friends are likely integral to the success of your relationship and future marriage, it is important to show your appreciation for their support. Your appreciation will resonate through original wedding souvenirs. Your guests will appreciate the thought and the practicality of the gift regardless of whether they are espresso drinkers—as these little souvenirs make great decorative items as well.

Exuding your style.


Wedding party favors may be a giveaway at the end of the wedding, but they can be just as useful in the decorating process as well. Because they come in a variety of colors, espresso cup wedding favours are versatile as decorative table pieces (just make sure your guests understand that they can take them home). Having Mr. and Mrs. espresso cup favours is a fun way to organize your tables, and a variety of styles from an elegant Damask print to a playful contrasted type print will give you flexibility in your coordination of décor to your favors. Having an espresso cup wedding favour at every place setting will give your reception a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to conversation between guests and is a unique style for your special day.

The bonbonniere may not be the focal point of your wedding, but it is certainly an important element of the experience. Coffee themed wedding souvenirs are a great way to address that need and show your appreciation to your friends and family. Love may be what makes the world go round, and adorable espresso cup wedding favours are the perfect reminder.