For your wedding you want every detail perfect, right down to the wedding favours!  Preparation is the key so that you can ensure everyone enjoys your wedding reception and comes away with a keepsake gift they’ll love.  Wedding guest favours say thank you in ways that last…especially if you’re giving practical and unique wedding favours guests will actually use.  Wedding ideas come in different types and you need to make sure which type and form of souvenir will make your wedding the talk of the town.

If you are thinking of ‘unique’ wedding souvenirs, then you can probably give confectionery boxes bearing your personal name as well as the name of your bride. In addition, you can also etch the name of your guests on the confectionery boxes to give a more personalized feel. Cuff bracelets with names etched on it, or locket bracelets in the shape of a heart and even photo frames in a variety of designs can turn out to be amazing little wedding ideas. Understanding the mentality of guests and sheer innovation is a must when choosing wedding gifts.

Wedding Gifts for Guests and Bridal Parties

Collectibles make great wedding gifts for the wedding party guests. There are several types of gifts that are unique and make everybody who attends the wedding feel great. Here are some of the most enchanting gift ideas that could make your wedding truly special and memorable to everyone:

· Bridesmaid Necklace – Who doesn’t like wedding  jewellery! A gold or silver necklace accented with diamonds or precious stones makes for a perfect piece of jewelry for the bridesmaid to wear. The bridesmaid necklace looks terrific and it adds to her allure. If you are the lucky bridesmaid, try embellishing your neck with the necklace and you’d definitely feel the difference.

· Groomsmen Lotions, Perfumes, and Aftershave Packs – These are creative wedding gifts which are designed for guests at the groom party. A pack of perfume and after shave with the signature from the bride and groom is the best gift that any wedding party guest would love to have. There are many personalized options that make all your guests feel important.

· Photo frames and Cosmetic Boxes – These are perfect wedding party gifts for the bridal party. Your friends and family will be sure to use picture frames and display them with photos of your wedding day, or insert pictures of their own for display in the own home. 

No matter what party gift or wedding favours you choose, take the time to plan ahead and make every detail perfect!  If you have wedding party gift and favour ideas you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!