Online Wedding Shopping Trends & Savings Tips for Canadian Brides

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Planning a wedding isn’t easy. In fact, many couples find the number of decisions overwhelming: Where to host the ceremony, what to give as favours and what food to serve at the reception are just a few of the questions on a very long list.

That’s why “wedding planning” is really very important when creating a wedding budget. That’s the first task in the planning process and not to be overlooked.

In Canada, marrying couples are finding clever ways to make their celebration unique and memorable without spending a fortune, such as hosting the event on a weekday, choosing a less expensive venue and keeping the guest list reasonable.

Wedding Shopping Trends in Canada

Although maintaining a budget is important, part of the fun of planning a wedding is the shopping! The wedding dress, the cake and all the other props must be chosen to fit the style of the bride, groom and venue. This is your chance to get creative—to customize the feel of that one special day.

Today, most Canadian brides take advantage of online vendors. E-commerce stores don’t have the overhead costs of brick-and-mortar shops, so prices generally are cheaper. As an added bonus, many vendors offer fast and free shipping, online inventories tend to be more extensive and buyers don’t need to travel to stores.

What Can Brides Buy Online?

Although you probably won’t have USPS deliver the wedding cake—which actually is possible—there are a number of items on the wedding itinerary that can be purchased online. Thanks to search engines and platforms like Amazon, finding these items is effortless:

  • Cameras
  • Candles
  • Centrepiece
  • Wedding favours
  • Jewellery
  • Hair accessories
  • Other stylish accessories

Even designer dresses can be ordered online. If a local designer doesn’t have your dream gown in stock, or if the perfect size isn’t available on-site, they might suggest an online vendor that offers the same design.

How to Get the Best Deals Online

Always be on the lookout for free shipping. Especially during the busy season (March through September), websites that offer wedding keepsakes and gifts tend to reduce or completely remove shipping charges.

Some online vendors use different strategies to attract customers, such as offering faster delivery and product discounts. Be sure to consider these perks when you decide where to shop.

Pro Tip:

Use cash-back deals on credit cards to save on wedding shopping.

Most e-commerce vendors offer a range of payment options: PayPal, bank draft and credit cards are the most common. One way to cut costs is by using credit cards that offer cash back on purchases.

There are two easy ways that this can help your wedding budget:

  1. The cash earned from purchasing products online can be considered an immediate discount.
  2. The cash earned could be appropriated to other areas of the budget, such as paying for the catering, the cake or the band.

The catering and the band are yet two more wedding-day expenses that are best purchased online. Thanks to reviews and websites, couples can compare prices and services to find those that best match their budget and needs. Catering websites will showcase available menus, while wedding-band pages will provide audio and video clips of past performances.

Shopping online provides a number of benefits to marrying couples: convenience, lower expenses and more information for smarter decision-making. By taking full advantage of the Internet, brides and grooms can plan a unique, memorable wedding, and they might even have more money for the honeymoon.

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