Not a Wedding Diet – Eating Well for Your Wedding Day, and Beyond

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Wedding Diet Tips - Not Just for the Wedding Day
Your so called “wedding day diet” should NOT just be a temporary thing if you want to enjoy your hot new figure for life. Here are some tips to help you not only lose weight for the big day, but to keep it off over the long haul. A diet isn’t “losing weight” but rather a description of how you eat. Of course, what we’re after is a healthy diet for healthy, long living. After all, the rest of your lives together should be a long! True it’s hard and there is help out there to help you lose weight and keep healthy. Here, our experts offer some surprising easy tips to get you started.

Tips for a Healthful Diet, and Life!

Avoid Sugar for Your “Not a Wedding Diet”

The danger with sugar comes from more than just the excess calories. Did you know that eating sugar ends up affecting the hormones associated with your feelings of hunger and satiety? The more sugar you eat, the longer it can take you to feel full, and the easier it is for you to feel hungry. It’s almost like sugar tricks your hunger and satiety hormones into making you eat more than you need!

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Eat Only If You’re Hungry

Did you know that if you eat until you have that stuffed, full feeling, you’ve probably eaten more than you need? For the best weight loss, eat only until your stomach feels satisfied – do not eat until you actually feel full.

Eat Slowly

If you shovel food into your mouth so fast that it’s as if you’re in a speed eating contest, you’ll probably eat too much. The reason for this is that those hormones that tell your brain that you’re full and have had enough to eat take a bit of time to kick in. So take the time to chew your food properly and enjoy it. This will give your hunger/satiety hormones time to react, and your waistline will thank you!

Avoid Dried Fruit

These tasty morsels may be delicious, but due to their small size, it’s way too easy to eat far too many. Before you know it, you’ve downed god-only-knows how many excess calories. Plus, their sticky sweetness is bad for your teeth.

Instead, if you want fruit, eat the real thing – in all of its juicy glory.

Last Minute Wedding Diet Strategies

Of course, even with all of those long term plans, you probably want a little extra push in the right direction immediately before your wedding. Here are some short-term strategies that you can implement a few days before.

1. Avoid foods that are notorious for causing bloating and gas. These will vary from bride to bride, but common offenders include broccoli, cauliflower, and fizzy soft drinks (even the diet ones!)

2. Avoid salty foods – these can cause water retention and can expand your waistline. For the biggest results with the least amount of obsessing, stick to the tried-and-true common-sense strategy of avoiding processed foods and cooking from scratch so you know exactly how much salt is being added to a meal.

Look Your Best by Following Simple Wedding Diet Tips

If you follow the simple wedding diet tips above, you’ll be well on your way to shedding pounds, trimming your waistline and fitting perfectly into your dress. And if you stay focused on eating a healthy diet over the long term, you’ll keep your hot new body for life, which is even better! Because it’s NOT just a wedding day diet!

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