Keeping Your Wedding Stress-Free and the Party Peace 

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When it comes to wedding planning, it’s unfortunate that some couples suffer from anxiety. It should mean celebrating among the most special days in your life, but somehow things can get in the way. Couples often find themselves nervously asking and saying:

Will everyone get along?

How much is this really costing us (can we afford it!)?

It feels like we’re not making our own decisions!

I’m worried these few people will over-drink!

Where is he/she really going for the bachelor/bachelorette party!

Take a deep breath and stay calm. There are ways to help keep the peace for everyone leading up to and on your wedding day. Here’s how!

With Your Wedding Party

Keep Costs Reasonable

Being in a wedding can get expensive! From the clothing to the shower and bachelor(ette) bash your wedding party might not be ready to spend as much as you’d like them to. Be sensitive to their abilities and adjust your requirements or be ready to cover some if you can’t bend your wants.

Listen to their ideas

This doesn’t mean your wedding planning needs to become a free-for-all but hearing them out and taking in their ideas helps your wedding party to feel valued and respected. And maybe they’ll have some great ideas!

Minimize alcohol consumption before the ceremony

You want everyone on their A-game when they walk down the aisle, so limiting the drinking beforehand can only work in your favour. There’s plenty of time for a celebratory drink after you say ‘I do’!

Don’t forget the thank-you!

Give the members of your wedding party a small gift as a token of your appreciation to show them how much being a part of your day means to you.

Treat them equally

If you have certain expectations for your bridesmaids, make them fair across the board. It’s not fair to let one off the hook but hold the others to your original standard. You don’t want them irritated with each other because one seems like she’s getting your favour!

Don’t put too much pressure on them

Yes, supporting you is their ‘job’ for the event, but make sure you’re focused on having fun together, too! Enlist other friends and family to help with some of the tasks so that your bridesmaids can be available for the little things that come up throughout the day.

With Your Family

Avoid overbearing opinions by addressing them head on

Plan a sit down with your more involved family members and clarify some of your thoughts with them. Remind them that while you respect and love them, ultimately your wedding day is about celebrating YOUR union so their requests just might not make the cut. Don’t think that traditions “must” be yours to follow. Most couples love tradition, but it’s not the only way to go!

Smooth over blended family drama before it starts

If you or your fiancé come from a family with divorced or remarried parents, try to predict any possible troubles and address them before they have a chance to happen.

With Your Guests

Be mindful while creating the seating chart

Maybe Great Aunt Edna and cousin Joe don’t get along, or your childhood best friend has beef with your hubby-to-be’s sister. Whatever the conflict, try keeping it in mind when making your seating chart to avoid any possible drama on your special day.

Consider the costs of attending, and try to balance it for your guests

Planning a wedding that requires many of your guests to travel means that some may not be able to make it. Whether it’s because flights are expensive or booking time off is difficult, try to pick a location that makes it easy for most of your most important guests to attend.

With Each Other

Decide on the money stuff early

When planning your wedding finances are likely to cause the most disagreement with you and your fiancé. Deciding on your budget early and committing to stick to it can help you keep the peace between you and your honey leading up to your big day.

Work together to sort out your guest list

As you put together your guest list you will likely come to some people one of you would rather leave off. Whether it’s difficult-to-get-along-with family members or unlikeable college roommates, you’re going to have to work together and compromise so that you both stay happy.

Set some bachelor(ette) party rules

Seen as the required last bash for the newlyweds-to-be, this party can cause some serious stress on the couple. Agree to some ground rules ahead of time and go over them with the maid of honour and best man to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Cheers to a peaceful wedding day!

At, our experts love the fun and joy weddings bring our brides and grooms. And love is really is what it’s all about, right? Remember, if you feel others are getting in the way of your happiness and putting themselves first, should they really be there?

If you convey your love and ask for support, you’ll get everyone on the same page and the wedding will be one to remember – for how wonderful it was!

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