Is Having a Friday Wedding a Good Idea?

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is having a wedding on a friday a good idea?

Though you may be tempted to follow the norm and hold your wedding on a Saturday, there are actually many reasons to book it on a less popular day like Friday or Sunday instead. From saving money to nailing down your perfect venue and vendors, the benefits of holding your wedding on a more uncommon day of the week might be exactly what seals the deal. While most engaged couples choose to tie the knot on a Saturday, holding your wedding on a Friday can be a great choice.

Benefits to a Friday wedding

There are many benefits to choosing a day other than Saturday for your wedding. While Friday weddings are traditionally more unconventional than those held on a Saturday, 2021 is the year to buck trends and set new standards, especially when it comes to wedding day details!

Better availability

If you have a specific location in mind for your wedding and want to get married during peak wedding season, you might have trouble booking the venue. Especially with so many weddings carrying over from 2020 into the 2021 wedding season, popular venues are booking up their Saturdays many months in advance. Choosing to hold your wedding on a Friday can open up the options and help you secure your perfect venue.

Stay on budget

Since Friday is often a less popular day to hold a wedding, venues and vendors sometimes offer a discount for booking that day. Venues may also often lower the minimum purchase required on less popular days so be sure to ask if this is the case when choosing your date.

Great for your guests

While you may think that a Friday wedding might be more of an inconvenience to your guests than a traditional Saturday one, the opposite is often true! Since most of your guests are likely planning to take a day off anyways, travelling Friday morning to attend your wedding that evening doesn’t actually change much for them. And having the festivities done with on Friday gives them another 2 days to relax or join in on some after-wedding fun before having to return to work on Monday.

It’ll be unique

Saturday weddings are so common and expected! Throw tradition to the wind and have some fun with the typical wedding schedule. Instead of the standard ceremony-drink-dinner-dancing, a Friday or Sunday wedding day allows you to have fun with the schedule and create a unique experience for your guests. Consider a Friday evening vow ceremony followed by a dance and a late lunch with a Saturday brunch and family scavenger hunt to turn your special day into a fun weekend.

Things to keep in mind

While a Friday wedding might be the perfect choice for your big day, there are a few things to keep in mind during the planning process.


Guests who work during the week may not be able to take a day off for your wedding so they will be coming to your event from work. Make sure you schedule your I do’s to allow them enough time to get there.

Organize a brunch or day after activity

For those who have travelled from out of town consider planning a brunch or other fun group activity for the next day to help them make the most of their visit.

Do the math before committing

Though some venues may lower their minimum order requirements allowing you to book your favourite location, you may bypass the savings if your group size is larger than the new minimum.


If you have your sights set on getting married in a church or another religious location, you may be bound by their availability. If they regularly hold services on a Friday or Sunday you may have to work around their schedule.

Friday is the new Saturday

When planning your wedding day one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is choosing the date along with a venue that can accommodate it. While a Saturday might be the most common choice, there are many great reasons to go with a Friday date instead.

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