How to Plan Your Same Sex Wedding

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Same Sex Wedding Planning
Planning a same sex wedding is, sadly, often more difficult than it should be. Use these tips to cut down on the troubles involved and ensure that your planning goes smoothly.

Know Your Rights When Planning a Same Sex Wedding

In mid-2005, Canada became one of the first countries in the world to legalize same sex marriage all over the country, via the Civil Marriage Act. This is great news for same sex couples, who can now become legally married and enjoy the rights that heterosexual couples do.

Avoid Churches and Organizations Who Oppose Same Sex Weddings

Many churches and organizations, sadly, still oppose same sex marriages. Don’t waste precious time before your wedding trying to change this. Instead, focus on including only those organizations who embrace the ideals of same sex marriages in your wedding plans. This should encompass everything from the venue to your choice of the person who will perform the wedding ceremony. Still want to lobby for change and acceptance of same sex marriage? That’s fantastic and is a noble goal. But due to the immense frustrations and hurt that can be involved with doing so, we recommend that you start on this after your big day.

Have Fun When You’re Planning!

Focus on the love that you and your partner share as you plan your big day. Ensure that your wedding day reflects your personal style when it comes to everything from choice of venue, to meals, to wedding day attire. Don’t let petty disagreements that impact every wedding get in the way. Give a little, and get a little back in return.

Avoid the Party-Poopers Who Frown on Your Same Sex Relationship

If a person doesn’t support you and your partner, avoid them as much as possible when planning your wedding. And there’s no need to torture yourself by inviting them to the wedding either! The only people who belong with you and your partner on your wedding day are those who support you with love and acceptance.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Budget

One of the largest causes of disagreements between couples is money. So get this bad boy out into the open and discuss it in detail before the wedding day planning even begins. You and your partner should sit down and figure out exactly how much money you have to spend, and what is most important to each of you in terms of wedding day spending. Once you’ve hammered out some general principles that you both agree on, you’re ready to get started on planning all of the elements that will go into your wedding. Shopping online can be a great place to quickly find decor and supplies that are suitable for YOU! For example, find mix and match gendered cake toppers to properly adorn your wedding cake!

Now You Know How to Plan a Same Sex Wedding

Planning a same sex wedding can be easy once you know your rights, have a plan to avoid the party-poopers that may be lurking around, and figure out how to keep your focus on the fun. And of course, stick to your budget so you don’t add unnecessary stress to your big day. If you do all of that, your same sex wedding will go off without a hitch!

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