How to Pick Your Wedding Party and MC

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Picking Your Wedding Party
Let’s face it – although your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, the decisions you need to make on the way there can be stressful and full of interpersonal minefields. Choosing your wedding party and MC is one of the biggies! Wedding planning, including picking your bridal party need not be stressful!

3 Important Tips for Picking Your Wedding Party and MC

1. Consider the opinions and expectations of the people who are the most important to you.

Great Aunt Grizelda wants her obnoxious daughter who you’ve never gotten along with in the wedding party, but you only see Aunt Grizelda once a year? Her opinion can be easily discarded. Surely you can put up with her sulking over it once a year, right? And besides, she’ll get over it eventually.

But your sister with whom you have an on-again-off-again amicable relationship, and see a gazillion times a year? Her opinion and hopes of being in your wedding party should have more influence over your decision. After all, if she wants to be in your wedding party, and you leave her out, you’ll never hear the end of it and can’t easily avoid her when you’ll be seeing her so often. Even if you don’t really want her in your wedding party, sucking it up and including her is probably the lesser evil compared to having to hear about it endlessly if you leave her out.

Want a third party opinion? You can seek the advice of your wedding planner if you have one. However, always make sure you take it as an opinion and only you know the dynamics of your relationships, and what feels right to you is ultimately, right.

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2. It’s YOUR Big Day, But Not ONLY Yours

You’ll hear endlessly the old refrain “It’s your big day – it should be all about you – do whatever you want!” And this is true… to a point. But the moment you include anyone else in the planning or the guest list, it becomes a big day to them too. Inviting all of your siblings, and they all want to be in the wedding party? (As opposed to eloping, for example…) Then the fighting that will ensue if you leave out the brother you’ve never gotten along with will likely outweigh the sting of including him in the wedding party to keep everyone happier.

3. Choosing an MC Made Easy

Most of the time, no-one other than you cares much who you choose as an MC. So take some time to consider who in your life has a natural talent for entertaining and cracking jokes that get the whole room snorting with laughter. Also consider if that person has the time to do the job of MC justice. The last thing you want is to choose someone who works 80 hour weeks, has 5 kids, and has no time whatsoever to put into crafting a good speech.

Oh, and be careful that who you pick isn’t too funny, and by that we mean someone who “crosses” the line and might offend guests. Off colour jokes (when it comes to race, culture, religion, etc) might not be the best way to kick off relations between both sides of the family, for example. Oh, and if you’re like me and grew up not being allowed to say “shut up” to a sibling in the house, cursing is not likely to get a laugh among many guests. Unless the boundaries are set out otherwise for your MC, keep it classy!

Note: If you’re handing over some MC duties to your wedding DJ, then make sure the rules are set out clearly and they convey their approach to getting the party going (without crossing the line!).

Ultimately, Pick a Wedding Party and MC that Makes You and Your Future Spouse Happiest!

So yes, this might involve considering the opinions of those in your life who are closest to you – because if you make them unhappy, their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your choices will make you unhappy in return.

But if you follow the basic guidelines outlined above, balancing your own needs with those of the people around you, you’ll avoid the vast majority of minefields that tend to blow up on brides and grooms-to-be when making these important wedding day decisions. Now you can get to the other things on your wedding shopping list and find vendors that can help you pull off your big day!

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