Wedding decorations bring the theme and all of the visual elements of your day together – they should be like the beads that join a necklace together – from your arrival through to the ceremony, photographs, reception and your departure. It is attention to details that counts and will make the difference between a so-so experience to wow’ing your guests. Wedding decorating ideas, of course, are endless.

Big, extravagant weddings are an empty stage just waiting to be filled with decorations that will bring your theme alive. Smaller, more subtle weddings can be sprinkled with decorations that reinforce the bond between you and your partner.

Here are a easy tips to help you choose decorations that will bring your wedding together like a pro.

Wedding Decor to Match your Theme

Since you’re planning your big day, you have probably thought through what your theme, colours and location are going to be. The combination of these elements is your starting point. Wedding ceremony and reception decorations should incorporate or represent that, whether you’re basing it on colour (such as a formal black and white theme), the seasons (such as a summer beach wedding with picnic blankets, or winter at Christmas with open roaring fires) or time of day (such as an evening wedding that can be laden with romance through candlelight).

Your right decorations are going to enhance your theme, bringing drama and atmosphere to your day.

Venue Decoration

Your guests’ arrival is their first encounter with your wedding and an eye-catching arrangement as they enter is a great way to make an impression. Consider a water or ice feature! They can be a dramatic talking point, and you can complement it with smaller table top options available.

If you’re having an outside wedding with a marquee, fabric can be draped on the inside to decorate the walls, or create partitions that bring an extra element of style.

For a budget option, use Christmas or fairy lights to drape around the venue or around tables.

Table top centre pieces no longer have to be uniform and boring: opt for unique, creative designs for each table to make it more interesting for guests. Feel free to vary the heights, styles and designs to lend extra interest for the eye. Around the tables, chairs are often adorned with chair covers – but ribbons in your wedding colours makes just as much, if not more, of an impact, and can be cheaper.

Finally, with the layout, don’t discard buffet style. Buffet style means that you only need to decorate a handful of buffet tables, and guests can sit where and with whomever they want.


The Little Things Count

Add a splash of colour in your guests’ arrival drinks and match it to your theme, or use creatively-styled glasses. Add feathers to your floral arrangements or create wreaths. They don’t have to be in vibrant colours, just cream or white can portray elegance and compliment your wedding dress.

Humorous or instructional wedding signs dotted around your venue can give your guests a laugh, whether it’s directing people to the bar, or to the happy couple.

A really good way to save money is to print and design all your own table names, numbers and menus. Computer programs and home printers now have the quality needed to deliver quality printed materials. But if you have a higher budget, then don’t hesitate to save time and hassle by buying quality pre-printed table signs and supplies.

One decoration idea that will engage your guests is a photograph wall displaying old and new photographs of you, your partner, family and friends throughout the years. It makes a great focal point for the day.

Decorate Creatively

Don’t forget that this is your wedding, and a chance for you to tap into your own creativity to create the best day possible. We could have talked a lot about flowers, however flower arrangements are always present at weddings – it is all of these other, often neglected, elements that bring everything together.




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