The invitation sets the tone for your wedding and can reflect the wedding theme to your guests early on. They get tacked to the fridge, pasted into scrapbooks and, consciously or unconsciously, set your guests’ expectations for what kind of event they will be attending. If your event is formal, you aren’t going to want to send wedding invitations on flimsy paper or in too casual a font – people will subconsciously downgrade their style of dress to match the perceived casualness. Likewise, a gold-embossed invitation on ivory stock will be confusing if you’re getting married hiking boots at the top of Mount Rundle. Check out the list of ideas below, organized by style, and shop for your wedding wisely!

Swanky Invitations

Foil stamping is a type of printing that allows you to print in metallics, and is particularly well suited for shades-of-monochrome style invites. The foil is heat-stamped into cardstock, so the words aren’t just printed on the page, they’re slightly recessed from the surface. The contrast makes for high-impact, easily-legible design. You’ll also love the possibilities of laser-etched wedding invitations – the ultra-precise cutting method can carve out patterned lace, art deco vines, or pretty much anything else you can imagine. It’s sure to dazzle your friends.

Romantic Invitations

Watercolour illustrated wedding invitations have been popping up for a couple of seasons now, and it’s easy to see why. With their soft colour palettes, attention-drawing layouts and super-personalized themes, each couple’s invitation is truly a work of art. If you’re on a budget, you can have the invitations printed in black and white, and add the watercolour yourself – the handmade touches won’t go unnoticed.

Quirky Invitations

The sky’s the limit if you want to let your quirky side shine. No-one knows better than you how best to convey you and your partner’s unique bond, but here are some ideas to get you started. Consider an origami sailboat for boat lovers, or a James Bond-themed dossier for wanna-be spies, or how about a nostalgic Viewmaster-style slide-show invite?

Artisanal Invitations

Ok, so you’re an eco-friendly, nature-loving couple who cares about their carbon footprint, and you aren’t interested in compromising your values even on (or especially on) your wedding day. No problem. Laser-etched wooden invitations are about as low-impact as it’s possible to get – not to mention they’re beautiful and bound to become keepsakes for those lucky family members and friends that receive them. Another extremely cool choice is plantable paper invites. Seeds are embedded into the actually paper, so, after the invitation has served it’s purpose, you can bury it and it will literally bloom.

Which Style Are You?

Whatever your style, the best way to make your invitation stand out is to make sure it reflects you. Your invitations are the first and best way to let your guests know what to expect, and to convey the atmosphere that you’re trying to create.



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