How to Choose The Right Wedding Tuxedo

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How to choose the right wedding tuxedo
Choosing the right wedding tuxedo for your big day can seem a little daunting. With all eyes on you and your bride (or partner), you’ll want to look your very best. And like most, you’ve probably already shelled out a pretty penny for a photographer to capture these precious memories. Here our wedding fashion experts share 6 tips to make choosing the right wedding tuxedo an easier task.

Talk the “Power Wedding Couple Vision” with Your Bride or Partner

You want to communicate with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page. Coordinating your tux, and those of your groomsmen, with the rest of wedding party will make your photos truly memorable and cherished. When in doubt, a classic style tuxedo is always the best default choice to match almost anything. Now, here are some other factors to consider:

Grooms, Plan Ahead (or Brides will Plan for You!)

Men are notorious when it comes to last minute shopping, but this is one area where it’s not advisable. Get online early and start looking at styles and options that interest you. Look at magazines too. Your local tuxedo rental/sales shops should have some brochures to help with this planning phase too. When it comes to a properly tailored tuxedo, you’ll need at least two fittings before the wedding so plan your first fitting at least two months before the big day. This should give sufficient time for the shop to ensure that your chosen tuxedo is available and allow time for any alterations that may be needed.

Tuxedos – to Rent or Buy?

This is as much a personal choice as a budget conscious one. If you travel in social circles with black tie events, or perhaps you moonlight as a secret agent, purchasing a tuxedo may appeal to you. For as little as the cost of three tuxedo rentals, you can purchase your very own James Bond work attire. Many tuxedo rental shops also sell their “retired” suits so this is also worth considering. Conversely, if you see yourself only wearing a tuxedo for this occasion, then renting is a good and relatively inexpensive option.

Find a Reputable Formal Wear Shop

Finding a deal is great, however, it’s not a great deal if the tuxedo looks terrible on you. A reputable shop will help you pick a style that suits your frame (and your budget) and will tailor the garments for the proper fit.

The Devil is in the Details

Yes, a tuxedo is typically a black suit with a white shirt but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some of your own personality to the outfit. The key is figuring out how to do so without standing out for all of the wrong reasons. Colorful socks, a nice pocket handkerchief or some bling cufflinks can add some fun and flavour to your ensemble. Budget to buy a tuxedo shirt too, as it’s needed to complete “the look”. Rather than renting shoes, you may consider buying a pair of black leather dress shoes (and some black shoe polish) as you might wear these again for another suit-worthy occasion. In fact, you can accessorize your entire wedding party!

Read the Rental Agreement

Make sure you read the fine print; you could save yourself a lot of headaches later. Typically, the terms in the agreement spell out the rental period and return date (usually the day after the wedding, so there’s a job for your best man), the expected condition of the return, an itemized checklist detailing the rental items, and any deposit requirements. Make sure you’re clear on your obligations and double check the condition of the rental items when you pick them up to avoid any disagreements on their condition later.

Now Choose the Right Tux!

Choosing the right wedding tuxedo comes down to planning ahead, having a unified vision and not waiting to the last minute to go shopping. What could be an overwhelming task is made easier by following these basic tips and most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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