How to Buy the Perfect Gift for Your Groomsmen

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Brothers, uncles, cousins, friends or colleagues, whether one or ten, your groomsmen are going to celebrate your bachelor party, get you to the wedding on time, hand you the ring at the ceremony and party the night away afterwards. You’ve painstakingly chosen your groomsmen!

What better way to make sure you say thank-you to these guys than getting them a gift they can keep forever. What to get them is the big question. You won’t want to get them something that everyone has, or that is going to blow your budget, but you will want to get groomsmen a gift they’ll actually like and make use of. Here are a few ideas and things to consider.

Groom Gifts – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

First, there are 4 questions every groom should consider before shopping for groomsmen gifts.

1. Individual gifts or the same for everyone?

This will probably come down to numbers. If you have only two or three groomsmen, you might want to get them something individual that you know they want or need. But if your party is bigger, it becomes more difficult to get each groomsman a unique gift. Don’t worry, it makes sense to get them all the same thing in this situation!

2. Traditional or modern?

It helps to decide whether or not you want to opt for a traditional style wedding gift. For men, popular choices are beer mugs or tankards, a whiskey flask or a watch. If you think your party will appreciate a more modern gift how about an iPod, BBQ set, a cocktail making set, a personalized t-shirt, or a magazine subscription?

3. Gift box option?

A gift box will mean you won’t be restricted to deciding on a single gift. You can pick an array of smaller items and have them all individually wrapped in bow-tied gift boxes. Ideas include money clips, cufflinks, vintage shaving kits, pens, a bottle of port, whiskey or wine, a silver lighter, or tickets to a sports or entertainment event.

4. Games and fun stuff or go for the practical?

While it is a wedding, boys will be boys, and, no matter what age, they love to get into a good game of anything! If you’re veering away from other gifts and want everyone to have fun, your groomsmen will thank you for giving them something they can play with. If money is no object, you could go high-tech and get Playstations or Nintendos. But if something less expensive and more interactive is your party’s thing, how about bar games such as blow hockey or football, a dart board, card games or a poker set.

Of course on the other end of the scale are the practical men, who would really appreciate something that they’ll use and need. These could range from a new toolkit, a digital alarm clock, socks, bottle openers, a BBQ tool kit, travel kits, gardening equipment, beer cooler or a knife set.

Gifts with a Personal Touch

Taking your gifts to the next level is to personalize or inscribe them. If you are giving silver, gold, or a metal that can be inscribed, you can create individual messages that mean something special to the recipients. The date of the wedding is also good to include, so that you commemorate the special day and each person’s role in it.

Give the Gifts Earlier than Later

With all these gift ideas to consider, you might not have thought about when to give the gifts out. But it is a very important consideration. If you do it after the ceremony, it could be too chaotic to say thank-you properly. But the day before can be a fantastic way to get everyone together and take time out to give them their gift over a beer. Whenever you do it, saying thank-you to your wedding party with a thoughtful gift is a great way to get everyone into the spirit of celebrating your special day!

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