To make your Canadian honeymoon economical but romantic, you only need look at the many breathtaking destinations that Canada has to offer. From the gardens of Victoria to the charm of Quebec City and Nova Scotia, our country has a diverse range of offerings for couples looking to spend some quality time together in a romantic environment. After arranging wedding aspects such as catering and party favours, you can then book a hotel at any of the following locations and get ready for a truly unforgettable honeymoon.

1. Niagara Falls is currently the top honeymoon destination in Canada. With numerous lodging, dining and sightseeing options that are located next to one of nature’s most spectacular wonders, couples can spend time together in style, beauty and romance. Just be sure to book early as hotels can fill up fast, especially during the summertime.

2. Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful places in Canada but it is also one of the least travelled, which makes it a perfect spot for your honeymoon! With beautiful beaches, scenic drives around the rugged coastline and a host of exciting outdoor and cultural activities to partake in, there is enough here to satisfy any loving couple.

3. The Canadian Rockies are a great place for lovers to enjoy each other’s company in solitude and serenity. The area is filled with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and hot springs, giving visitors plenty to see and do. If you have chosen wedding favours and decorations based around nature then this honeymoon location will be a perfect match.

4. Vancouver is an ideal spot for a honeymoon purely because of its diversity. While there, visitors will be close to the ocean, the city’s downtown area, forested mountain peaks and world-class ski fields. With inbound flights from just about anywhere in Canada, newlyweds from across the country can easily enjoy this amazing city.

5. Quebec. Those hungering for a European-like honeymoon will find an affordable option in Quebec City. This destination boasts surroundings taken directly from the streets of Paris, which can be enjoyed right at home in Canada! Since the city boasts a range of exotic sights, restaurants and hotels, it really has everything for the perfect honeymoon.

6. Victoria. As one of the most romantic spots in Canada, Victoria is a quaint town that simply exudes character and charm. Whether you go for a ride on a horse drawn carriage, explore the town’s stunning harbour or enjoy dinner in the vibrant Butchart Gardens, you and your loved one will have a very special time together in this highly scenic location.

Of course, these are not the only great honeymoon destinations in Canada (of course Toronto and Montreal deserve honourable mention) and with a little time and research you should be able to find the ideal location for you and your loved one. If you have any tips or suggestions for our readers on where to spend their honeymoon within Canada’s borders, please let us know below. We would love to hear from brides, wedding planners or anyone who has planned a successful honeymoon anywhere around our beloved country.