After the venue, the dress and the caterers have been booked and organized, it will be time to think flowers and decide on which ones should be included in your wedding bouquet (you might want florals for your wedding centerpieces, too!).  Your bouquet flower choices are important as these blooms will be seen in most of your wedding photographs and will either complement or detract from how you look on your big wedding day!

Flower Favourites Chosen by Brides and Wedding Planners Across Canada

Calla Lilies

One of the most popular wedding themed blooms is the white calla lily, which exudes an elegance not found in most other flowers. If you are looking for something more colorful, there are also other varieties in black, orange and yellow. You can even combine different types to make a very vibrant bouquet. Calla lily flowers are known as the flower of purity, elegance and beauty.


Also known as the Gerber Daisy, these special blooms come in a variety of colors and are available in Canada throughout the year. They have a classic look and are great to use both in bouquets and elsewhere, such as in wedding reception table decorations and foliage.


Orchids are delicate-looking flowers that are very durable and a fantastic addition to any wedding bouquet. They can provide both your wedding outfit and surroundings with an exotic look and will be sure to last throughout the ceremony and the reception without wilting at all.


For those looking for something more classic, the rose is the obvious choice. Romantic, colorful and fragrant, they are the ultimate wedding flower. There are also so many varieties available, from red to yellow to green to black, and the bride is certainly left with plenty of choice for her big day.


Another wedding favorite, these blooms are usually only available in spring. With over 500 varieties available in florists, however, it is important to choose wisely so that they complement your reception decor, personalized wedding favors and overall wedding theme.


If you are holding a vintage or retro-themed wedding, the humble hydrangea is a smart choice. Stunning on their own or in groups, these blooms are becoming more and more popular at weddings around Canada. They are available from spring through to fall.


Delicate and fragrant, it is obvious to see why freesias are being used at more and more weddings around the country. They come in numerous colors, from white to red to lilac, and are suitable for both bouquets and reception decorations.

These are some of the most popular flowers now being used at weddings these days. Of course, you will not have to decide on one particular bloom and can opt for a combination instead. In this way, your bouquet will contain a dazzling assortment of colors and fragrances that will make for the perfect wedding day.

If you have any tips for our reader on choosing the best blooms for your wedding bouquet, please leave a comment for us below. We would love to hear from you about any ideas that may help future brides arrange the perfect floral displays for their wedding.