Before bride (or groom!) even thinks about walking down the aisle, there should be a proposal, a ring and a promise of everlasting commitment. Engagement is an occasion that really warrants some sort of celebration as it is a big step towards a bright future full of love and happiness. So before thoughts about freeze dried rose petals, monogrammed towels and wedding favors even come up, the focus should be on organizing an engagement party to celebrate the husband and wife to be. Fortunately, great choices are available right here in Canada to help organize a a great engagement party.

Who Organises the Party?

Traditionally, engagement parties were arranged by the future bride and groom’s parents. These days, however, anyone can prepare for the party, including friends, relations and even the husband and wife to be. The newlyweds to be may have a lot on their plate already though, especially since they will now be thinking about wedding preparations, so it may be best if the engagement party is hosted by someone with more free time.

Set the Party Tone

The simplest way to organise this sort of pre-wedding party is to think casual. A small garden event or a BBQ in the park can be a great way to catch up with friends and family over some good food and cold drinks. From Victoria to Montreal, our country has plenty of choice when it comes to scenic outdoor settings that will be perfect for celebrating the everlasting love felt between two people. Of course, with the Canadian climate, these sorts of events are best held in the summertime when the weather is warmer unless you make sure there are sheltered options in case of bad weather. With summer weddings being most common, perfectly selected spring venues are great for engagement parties.

Formal Party Your Preference?

If your engagement party is planned for the winter or you are searching for a more formal option, you can always book some tables at a fancy restaurant or rent a hall so that you can celebrate your engagement in warmth and luxury. Just remember that formal occasions require invitations and decorations that match with the desired atmosphere, meaning that they can be more difficult (and expensive) to arrange. The end results will be well worth it, though, as these sorts of events are more unique than a casual gathering and will be remembered by your soon-to-be wedding guests.

Half the Money, Double the Style

To be smart while planning, you can purchase unique wedding decorations that can be used both at the engagement party and on the big wedding day, allowing you to save money and still hold two great reception celebrations in style, with the same theme. The costs of getting married can add up and up and this is one way in which you can reduce the amount of money spent while still retaining the elegance and class that you desire.

If you have hosted an engagement party in the past or have been to one anywhere around Canada, we would love to hear about your experiences. Please let us know about the event by leaving a comment. You can help our readers gain some insight into how to hold a successful engagement party and celebrate this wonderful pre-wedding occasion in the future.