It is any Canadian bride’s dream: the chance to share your everlasting love in an exotic location. With the world being so diverse though, it can be difficult to settle on one spot, especially since you will have to arrange your unique wedding favors, decorations and food at the same time. To help you out with your preparations, we have compiled a list of some of the more unique wedding locations around the globe. All of these are aimed at making the moment truly special, so that you can celebrate your deep love towards each other in circumstances that are memorable, magical and momentous.

Island & Beach Destinations

One of the most popular places to hold an overseas wedding is on a stretch of sand somewhere in the tropics. From the Caribbean Sea to Southeast Asia, there are plenty of beaches and islands to choose from where you can get married in the sunshine amongst some truly stunning scenery. Turquoise waters, white sand and coconut palms will all make for a wedding environment that is about as different from the Canadian countryside as you can possibly get.

Exotic River Cruises

For something a bit more unusual, why not book a boat on one of the world’s more famous rivers? Imagine cruising down the Hudson River in New York or the River Seine in Paris, you and your loved one tying the knot as some of nature’s finest views slip past in the background. If you are planning on a smaller, more intimate ceremony and reception, river cruises are certainly ideal as they can bring everyone together in sophistication and style amidst some of nature’s finest settings.

Stately Homes & Mansions

Those looking for a more elegant environment can book a mansion, castle or manor for their wedding ceremony. The beauty about these destinations is that they are available all over the world, from Eastnor Castle in England to the Casablanca Manor in South Africa. Just remember to plan out your wedding accessories and decorations to match with these high-class locations. Celebrate the occasion in true luxury and give your new life together a very promising beginning.

Gardens & Parks

Finally, one of the easiest options is simply to conduct the ceremony in one of the world’s most beautiful parklands. Whether you choose the Sydney Botanical Gardens in Australia or Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, you and your guests will enjoy the unique surroundings that these settings have to offer throughout the wedding ceremony. One further benefit of choosing locations outside of Canada is that the weather may be more suitable for you to celebrate your love in the great outdoors.

If you have any other ideas about unique wedding locations around the globe, please let our readers know by leaving a comment below. We feel that it is every Canadian’s right to get married in a place that truly exudes romance, style and individuality. Share your own personal stories with your fellow Canadians!