Bridal Showers

Bridal Showers

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Bridal Showers – How to Make it an Event to Remember

Bridal showers are an integral part of the pre-wedding planning, dating back to as early as pre-1900. All along, they’ve served as an integral part of a bride’s journey from the single life to that of a married woman. One of the main benefits of a bridal shower is that …

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Unique Bridal Shower Party Ideas (as Unique as You!)

When planning a wedding shower there are SO MANY ideas to be found online. Even a quick search on Pinterest can yield countless results! All of those options can get overwhelming to sift through though, so we’ve complied a list of some of the most unique and exciting ideas…

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Wedding Favour Ideas in Canada – Canadian Brides Save Shopping for Party Favours in Canada

Getting great wedding favour ideas doesn’t need to involve a worldwide search for Canadian brides. A great selection of party favours can be found online right here in Canada! Smart brides add up the costs of shopping for favours in the US (and calculate bank conversion fees and cross border customs brokerage/duty/taxes. Make your wedding planning stress free by shopping for wedding party favours right here at home – Oh Canada!

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Bridal Shower Themes – Planning Bridal Showers

When thinking about bridal shower planning, there are plenty of ideas and themse to choose from. To make the moment special or to ensure that the bride and groom get the right sort of gifts, there are plenty of gift options. Below, we have compiled a list of themed bridal showers that are suitable for celebrating future husbands and wives all over Canada.

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