Bridal showers have been around for over a hundred years. Here in Canada, they are usually arranged by the Maid of Honour and are an occasion where the bride is literally showered with presents. At a time when preparations are being made for aspects such as wedding party gifts, decorations and venues, this celebration is certainly a welcome break for the future wife. Bridal showers can be small, intimate occasions or larger events with several hundred guests. In either case, those invited to the shower should certainly be on the wedding list as well.

To make the moment special or to ensure that the bride and groom get the right sort of gifts, there are plenty of options. Below, we have compiled a list of themed bridal showers that are suitable for celebrating future husbands and wives all over Canada.

  • Kitchen Bridal Shower: This special event will provide the bride with everything that she needs to stock up her kitchen once she moves in with her new husband. This theme will only work though if the bride and groom have not been living together previously.
  • Sports Bridal Shower: If the future husband and wife are keen sports enthusiasts, this is the perfect theme for this memorable occasion. The event also works well if the bride and groom already have all of the household items that they require.
  • Holiday Bridal Shower: Prepare the future bride for upcoming holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Canada Day by presenting her with special items including decorations, platters, picnic baskets and blankets for each type of celebration.
  • Lingerie Bridal Shower: For a sexier twist to this age-old tradition, you can offer the bride everything that she will need to look absolutely breathtaking in the bedroom. Help her add a little spice, romance and fun to those intimate times spent with her husband.
  • Honeymoon Bridal Shower: If the happy couple are heading to an exotic location after their wedding, this themed celebration will provide them with everything that they need while they are enjoying each other’s company in a far off land.
  • Around the Clock Bridal Shower: Each guest should choose a gift suitable for a different time, for example 7am or 10pm. In this way, the bride-to-be will receive a diverse range of presents which she can then use throughout her daily routine.

Of course, if you offer the bride the right sort of gifts then she will certainly feel the need to repay your kindness in some way. In this case, you may be offered some unique wedding shower favours as a token of the bride’s gratitude that you have gathered to share this special moment with her.

If you have successfully held a Canadian bridal shower in the past or even if you have just been to one, we would love to hear the details from you! What did you do? Was there a theme? Please leave a comment in the box below. We look forward to reading about your past celebrations.