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If you are an expert in your field and would like to publish original articles on, aimed at Canadian brides and grooms, then here is the highest quality outlet for you. Please note that your submission will undergo editorial review and must meet our submission guidelines. Our brides want to hear directly from experts like you!

We offer several different guest post options.  It’s free to submit an article with a mention of your business and/or personal name (no link).  We charge a small fee ($49) if you’d like a link back to your website included within the article.  Additionally, we can write the article for you and provide a link back to your website for only $99.

You may find yourself wondering, is the submission with a link worth it?  There are many benefits to including a link within your article.  A link makes it very easy for potential customers to find your website, and it provides authority in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing.  Adding the link is a one-time fee only, while your article and link will exist on our website forever, increasing the traffic to your website over time.

If you have any questions about our guest post options, just drop us a line at  We’re available to answer questions and offer custom guest posting solutions to handle any specific need.

Submission Guidelines

  • Minimum word count is 500 (submissions with less than 500 words will be immediately discarded)
  • Maximum word count is 2000
  • Content must be original (submissions with plagarized and/or spun content will be immediately discarded)
  • Content must be relevant to Canadian brides and grooms
  • Content must be applicable to the wedding industry and be related to at least one of our blog categories
  • Content must be spell-checked and grammatically correct.  If grammatical errors are present, a $25 editorial fee will be requested prior to posting.
  • Affiliate links will not be accepted
  • We will only link out to high-quality, industry relevant websites
  • Once your article is published on, you are not allowed to publish the article anywhere else on the Internet (it must remain unique to and we will run periodic scans to ensure this)
  • Submissions may express preferences, recommendations, tips, research facts, analysis and/or suggestions based on the author’s subject matter expertise
  • Submissions must not be overtly promotional, self-serving, clear advertisements or provide misleading information or advice (press release-type submissions will not be approved)

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