Bachelor and bachelorette parties are not only celebrations to commemorate an upcoming wedding. They are also rites of passage, symbolizing the move from single to married life. Because they are important occasions, especially here in Canada, some creativity is required to make them truly memorable. However, since the future bride and groom are busy arranging wedding decorations and such, the stag and doe party should be taken care of by a close friend, usually the Best Man or Maid of Honour.

First, you should plan all celebrations around the future bride and groom, and do your best to ensure that they have a good time. While traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties involve drinking, debauchery and strippers, if the guest of honour (or their fiance!) is not comfortable with these ideas, it is best to avoid them. When it comes to payment, all costs should be covered by those attending the stag or doe night. After all, the future newlyweds will already have spent a lot arranging matters such as personalized wedding favors and the like.

Ideas for unique bachelor parties:

  • If the future groom is an avid sports fan, simply go to an upcoming game. To make this event even more exciting, you can book some VIP seating and celebrate the occasion in style.
  • For something a bit more casual, you could always play a few rounds of baseball, hockey, football or even curling. Of course, the sport you choose will depend on the groom-to-be.
  • Take a road trip to somewhere unusual around Canada or the USA. Just make sure that the journey is as exciting as the destination to make the celebrations even more special.
  • Have a poker session at someone’s house or hit the casinos for a night. Gambling is always an enjoyable way to spend an evening with the guys and is a great male bonding experience.

And, here are some memorable bachelorette parties:

  • Get pampered with a massage, facial and pedicure at a luxury day spa. There is no better way to prepare the bride-to-be for her wedding than making her feel ten years younger!
  • Head out on the town for a night of dancing and revelry. From Vancouver to Ontario, going crazy with some close friends is a great way to celebrate that upcoming marriage.
  • Make a booking at the future bride’s favourite restaurant. Wine and dine the night away while you reminisce over the past and look forward to many happy times ahead.
  • Act like kids for a day at your local amusement or water park. There is no reason why everyone has to act mature when celebrating an upcoming wedding after all!

If you are Canadian and have hosted or been to any successful bachelor or bachelorette parties in the past, we would love to hear from you. Please tell us what you did and where you went and why the celebrations were a big hit by leaving a comment for us in the box below.