8 Best Entree Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

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Planning your wedding comes with so many decisions for you and your sweetie to make. From choosing the date to settling on the perfect kind of flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces, there are many different things to decide on together. While some decisions might be difficult, one of the most fun choices to make is deciding exactly what kind of entrees to serve to your guests! Because your caterer likely offers a tasting meal to help you decide on what you want to offer, it’s a good idea to have some ideas of what kind of meal you’re looking for.

Top dinner ideas for your wedding

Choosing whether you want a sit-down, plated meal or a buffet service is only half the battle. Once you have settled on the style of meal you want to serve you can get started on the fun part: choosing exactly what kind of food to serve! Before you sit down for your tasting, here are a few ideas of meals that you could put together for your big day.

Go all in on a theme

Taco bar – Theme meals are all the rage these days so have fun with a Mexican theme and set up a taco, empanada, tostada and fajita bar for your guests. Offering a fun selection of proteins, veggies and toppings is a fun way to involve your guests in your big day.

Appreciate your culture – Whether you are holding a traditional cultural ceremony and reception or are just wanting to honour the joining of 2 heritages with your marriage, including some traditional foods in your meal is a great way to share your appreciation of your shared culture. From including cultural dishes in your buffet to setting up themed stations around the room, your guests will end the night with a newfound appreciation for the heritage you’ve chosen to share with them.

Offer a decadent served meal

Stuffed chicken or prime rib – These flavourful and delicious entrees will show your guests that you truly appreciate their attendance and leave them full and satisfied. Pair this decadent meal with an amazing dessert for a truly special dining experience.

Steak and lobster – If budget is not a concern and you want to give your guests a meal they’ll never forget, opt for a plated feast of steak and lobster. With options available for those who don’t eat beef, meat or seafood, this meal will be one they won’t soon forget.

Skip the dinner, go for the apps

Passed appetizer event – You may opt to skip the meal altogether on your wedding day. If you’re hosting an afternoon event or are just looking to stick to your budget, skipping the sit-down meal and going for a less formal reception with appetizers being passed around might be just the ticket. There are so many ways to have fun with finger foods and mini appetizers!

Appetizer stations – Forget a sit-down meal, modern weddings are often going the way of instagrammable food experiences instead. Set up a number of different appetizer stations around your reception space and let guests nibble at will. From taco or fajita stations, slider bars, dress your own pasta centers and donut walls, your guests will love the opportunity to play with their food and create something truly unique.

Provide options with a buffet

Honour your heritage – If you have specific dishes that you’d like to include that will help you honour you or your spouse-to-be’s heritage, a buffet is an excellent way to offer them. Whether you decide to just add a couple items to the lineup or want to make your whole buffet the perfect homage, your guests will love that they have options to choose from. Something for everyone – Going with a well-rounded buffet selection is the easiest way to please a wide variety of guests and their different tastes. Including a couple different options for salads, sides and meats pretty much assures you that no one will hit the dance floor on an empty stomach.

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