Planning for a wedding can be stressful and time consuming work work with all of the arrangements that have to be made – leaving little time for exercise and eating right. In between finding a suitable venue, Canadian brides are preparing the guest list, and sorting out smaller details such as finding wedding favours and decorations brides can easily forget about sticking to a balanced diet and before you know it you  have gained a few pounds!

Not to worry though, as there are some easy ways to shed that excess weight so that you can slip into your wedding dress no problem and look your best.

The following tips can be used to get you back on track for the big day.

  1. Cut down on your salt intake. Too much sodium can actually make you retain water and bloat up. By lowering the amount of salt that you eat per day, you can lose up to 3 lb in the process.
  2. Consume fruit and vegetables five times a day. This will increase your intake of potassium which can help to flush out any excess salt that is in your body. They are also full to the brim with valuable vitamins which can make your hair and skin look absolutely stunning when the big day finally arrives.
  3. Eat lots of protein. As an appetite suppressant, this compound is vital to keeping you going for longer without feeling the need to eat more. It can be found in dairy products, fish and meat, though some care must be taken to avoid any fatty foods here as this can negate any positive results that you gain from your crash diet.
  4. Avoid carbohydrates. Foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes can cause you to put on a lot of weight if eaten in excess. To drop those pounds, you can either cut down on these foods or eliminate them altogether.
  5. Drink Green Tea.  Green tea is full of anti-oxidants, low in caffeine and curbs your appetite.  Replacing some of your daily tea or coffee intake with green tea can help to flush out toxins as well as burn fat without any side effects.

Always remember to give yourself time to eat three healthy meals a day. By skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, you may be tempted to eat more later on, which can disturb the balance within your body and cause you to gain weight.

Like most Western countries, Canada has a bad track record for our habit of over-eating and this is especially tempting when dealing with the stresses of that pre-wedding time period. Follow a set eating routine and you will maintain a stable weight while running around searching for things such as wedding reception decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses and classy invitations.  Keep healthy snacks such as fruit, unsalted nuts and health bars in your purse for anytime you do find yourself past mealtime.

Be true to yourself and think about how you want to look when you finally walk down the aisle. If you feel that you need to lose some excess weight, remember that you have it within you to lose those pounds and gain a figure that you are truly happy with.

If you have tried any crash diets in the past, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you about which methods are effective at helping you shed those pounds and which ones didn’t give you the result that you originally wanted.