Big or small, your wedding won’t be complete without sending your guests away with a small keepsake favour. It’s a tradition dating back centuries, and continues today with simple options such as sugared almonds, to modern gifts such as a Mojito kit or USB stick with your favourite movie.
Whether you’ve got some ideas in mind or don’t know where to start, here are some considerations to think about that will ensure you pick the right wedding favour.

1. Cost of Wedding Favours

Everything comes down to budget, and the cost of favours can easily get out of control if you’re not careful. Buying items in bulk will give you some discount, but even so, the numbers can quickly add up. Remember it doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive gift. A wedding favour is a token or gesture to give to each of your guests as a parting gift and to thank them for celebrating with you. Shop around for great online favour deals from reputable stores.

2. Themed Favours

If you have a theme or a colour or some kind of commonality that runs through your wedding already, then bring that into your wedding favours. Even if it’s something that represents you and your spouse-to-be, it will be a wonderful treat that reminds your guests of your day.
For example, if you and your partner met via a hobby, give your guests something reminiscent of that interest. If your wedding is in France, give them each a mini bottle of Champagne. If your wedding is being held in a stately home or spectacular locale, give them a souvenir from that location.

3. Time of Year

Also consider the time of year you are getting married. A winter wedding would make the ideal time to send your guests off with a small hot toddy, a luxury hot chocolate mix, or real woollen blankets put out during the reception for them to keep. A perfect fall wedding favour might incorporate the gorgeous colours of the changing leaves.

In the other extreme, you might be holding your wedding during the summer months or in a hot climate. There are lots of great gift ideas such as sunglasses, a sun-care kit, or waterproofing accessories. Or maybe even a snorkel and flippers if it’s a destination wedding with great snorkeling nearby – that will definitely get your guests in the mood to have fun under the sun!

4. DIY or Ready-Made Favours?

Perhaps buying wedding favours is looking way too expensive given the number of guests. The internet is your best friend for researching, sourcing and buying all the supplies you need to make your own wedding favours. So why not buy all the parts separately and create them yourself. You’ll be able to find gift boxes and bags, pus a variety of gift ideas. Think gingerbread with the bride and groom’s name iced on, or sweets and candy – homemade food of any kind will keep everyone happy! Also don’t forget the children who you may have invited to attend the wedding. It’s a good idea to give them a goody bag when they arrive to keep them occupied. Give them a bag or box of things to do; colouring books and pens, mini-handheld games, picture books or cards all make ideal devices to keep their attention.

A surprising low-cost option is to buy wedding favours that are already gift packaged. Of course, you can add things like customized personalized favour tags to make them your own. If the favour packaging is great but you simply want to change, say, the ribbon and bow colours – it’s so easy! Many brides, particularly those wanting to add some European bomboniere flair and tradition, will add confetti candy to the ready-made favours.

5. Giving Out the Favours

Go all out and give favours gift tagged with each guest’s name. It will make them feel welcome and it’s reassuring at big weddings to know that you’re a valued guest even if you haven’t had the chance to spend much time with the bride and groom.

Many brides arrange for the favours to be placed on the tables at each setting for the wedding lunch or dinner. Alternatively some give favours out at the end of the celebrations. Another idea is to give them out as people arrive for the sit down meal. The favours can then be tagged with every guest’s name, and used to notify them of their table number and place, accomplishing two tasks in one!

Whatever you do, as long as you take these 5 considerations into account, you’ll be well on your way to finding wedding favours that are a hit with your guests, and your budget!

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