5 Highly Effective Tricks for A Smooth and Stress-Free Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is approaching fast and you are going through the hustle-bustle of last moment preparations. Apart from feeling butterflies in your stomach, you must be equally fretted as to how to pull things off smoothly.

Planning and organizing a wedding ceremony is always a stressful task and sometimes it takes a toll on brides and grooms alike. Since you want everything to be absolutely perfect, even small issues can trigger anxiety. If this happens, the stress and tension will be visible on your face – and no one wants to see a worried or unhappy bride or groom to-be!

So before any of that to occur, you need to sit back, be calm and relax. Don’t let your wedding worries overwhelm you. The following simple tricks will help you have a stress-free wedding day:

1. Assess the situation

You have to assess every small detail well in advance so that you can save yourself from last minute hassles. For example, work out your budget and determine how much you have to spend.  You should plan it in such a manner that the timeline for the arrangement is realistic and there is some room for error. Share the timeline of your wedding reception with your close friends and family. Work on problem areas and sort them beforehand, such as trying the wedding gown one week before to see if there is anything to fix that you think isn’t right.

2. Keep those closest to you by your side

The support of our near and dear family and friends is great for keeping calm and keeping a clear  head. Planning an event of this scale is not an easy job, you will be required your closed ones on board. They will help in executing things according to the plan. Doing everything on your own is the recipe for stress and anxiety because in situations like this anything can easily go wrong. Although you have to take responsibility to monitor every process, having at least a friend or a family member by your side will make it easier for you to manage and control things.

3. Keep your schedule clear

Keeping your schedule clear will help you save a lot of time as you know there are a number of activities that you need to complete. A perfect schedule will make sure your top priority activities are effectively addressed. An improper schedule might unnecessarily devote more time for fewer priority tasks, which will be counterproductive for you. While you need to be flexible in executing the tasks one by one, always try following the schedule to ensure everything is done in your preferred way. In the thick of dos and don’ts, it’s possible that your wedding day will arrive faster than you could imagine that is why you need last minute space.

4.  Outsource and delegate tasks

Outsourcing and delegating tasks here and there can save your day, albeit they should be given in safe hands. For that, you need to make a quick list of every wedding-related to do. Does your fiancé insist on choosing the entertainment? Do you both want to weigh in on the cake and catering? After making the list and prioritizing them, see if you can delegate some of them to your friends or close relatives. If there are things to be moved, they need to be packed up as well to be taken to your wedding venue. So have someone who can carefully sort and pack these items in bags or boxes. You can also ask your creative friends to make DIY wedding decor and supplies, which they can shop for online. Items such as bridesmaid wine labels, bouquets, invitation cards, etc. Apart from that, furniture arrangement, decoration, photography, and serving foods can be delegated to professionals, but whom you can trust.

5. Write down how you feel

You must have been bottling up your emotions for quite some time now. In the middle of wedding arrangement, you may be feeling tense, nervousness, and excitement. Most importantly, a new chapter of your life is going to begin shortly. So expressing all the myriad mix of feelings in your diary is a good way to relax. It will help you keep the anxiety and stress at bay. For example, you can write an emotional thank you note to your parents, siblings, and friends, describing what role they played in your life. The idea is just write down whatever emotions you are flooding with right now, you will surely feel relaxed.

Wrapping Up

A wedding day is your special day. It marks a new beginning and a fresh life. So don’t ruin this historic moment with stress and anxiety. Your life deserves happiness and joy on a positive note. The given tricks will guide you in this direction.

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