11 Unique Bridal Shower Planning Ideas!

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Bridal Shower Planning Party Ideas
Planning a bridal shower is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. It comes with much less stress and things to remember than planning the wedding itself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own challenges! Read on to get some ideas for your unique bridal shower!

11 Ideas for planning a unique bridal shower

1. Host an English Tea Party

Bring a touch of English elegance to your afternoon shower and host an English tea party! Serve finger sandwiches, assorted teas and mini cakes and scones. Ask your guests to don their favourite pastels and florals and enjoy a ‘high class’ afternoon. Remember the cookies!

2. Choose a travel theme for the shower

Celebrate a jet setting bride and groom by throwing a travel themed shower. Ask guests to stick to the travel theme for gifts and serve cuisines from the couple’s favourite places. Hand out passport covers and luggage tags as party favours!

3. ‘Fill their kitchen’ party

Are the bride and groom getting ready to blend homes? Or maybe they’re rocking a kitchen full of mismatched equipment? They don’t have anything? Give them a party bag full of kitchen keepsakes! Choose a kitchen theme for your bridal shower! Hire a chef to teach your guests how to make a fun recipe and ask guests to bring a gift to help the couple fill their kitchen.

4. Host a paint party

Hire an artist to come out and teach everyone how to paint a picture! Serve a fun cocktail and some tasty finger foods so everyone’s hands are free to hold their brush!

5. Fondue Night

Let your guests design and cook their own menu! Set up a chocolate fondue, cheese fondue and an oil station for a truly unique experience.

6. Use mason jars as a decorating theme

If you’re a fan of do-it-yourself crafts, think mason jars as a theme! You can use varying sizes of them for most parts of the shower. Combine this décor trend with a backyard party or food bar. A few ideas for how to use mason jars:

  • mini cheesecakes or puddings
  • veggies and dip
  • mini 7-layer dip
  • baby planter as a party favour
  • with crystals and candles for décor
  • candy or nut dishes
  • flower vases
  • drink glasses

7. Have a chocolate fountain

Everyone loves chocolate! Set up a chocolate fountain with assorted bite sized dippable goodies for a unique bridal shower snack.

8. Backyard BBQ

Host a backyard BBQ! This is a great option if you’re planning a coed or family bridal shower. Have fun with the BBQ menu and set up a fancy topping bar for burgers and hotdogs and offer a selection of fun salads. Play backyard games like horseshoes, corn hole and ladder golf for prizes instead of traditional wedding shower games. There’s some great BBQ themed party favours, too!

9. Skip the games and host a class

Awkward games are practically synonymous with bridal showers. Plan a more unique bridal shower by skipping the games and hiring a pro to come teach your guests a class! Classes like cooking, painting, gardening, jewelry making, self defense are all fun ways to spice up a traditional bridal shower.

10. Throw a Mexican taco party

Everyone loves tacos! Bring the fun to your unique bridal shower with a Mexico themed party! Serve tequila cocktails, play some mariachi music and set up a taco bar!

11. Forget menu stress and create a food bar instead

Never mind planning a fancy menu and making sure everything is ready on time. Plan a food bar around the bride and grooms’ favourite foods, and let guests serve themselves throughout the party. This also helps combat the need for tables for a meal and the awkward lap-balancing if there isn’t enough table space. Some ideas for a food bar include an omelet station, pizza party, baked potato bar, or an ice cream sundae buffet!

Plan a Stress-free Bridal Shower Party

Planning a unique bridal shower doesn’t have to be stressful or a lot of work! Use one of the ideas mentioned here and customize it to suit the bride and groom for a truly unique and fun shower! Looking for bridal shower or wedding supplies? From gifts for the wedding party to gorgeous ceremony or reception decor, visit the official CanadaWeds.ca Wedding Shop now!

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