10 Reasons Couples Are Getting Married During the Pandemic

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getting married during the pandemic
Over the last year, weddings have been disrupted by COVID-19, but marriages have not. There are many reasons, both legal and personal, that couples have opted to get married during the pandemic.

Why we’re still getting married during a pandemic…

1. Becoming Citizens of Canada

Many couples have had their student or work visas expire during lockdown. Permanent Resident (PR) status’ have also been expiring. Therefore, a marriage certificate can be part of the process for couples immigrating to Canada, or couples are simply working on their immigration status to bring family members together.

2. Leaving Canada

Couples who have been living comfortably in a common-law status in Canada are faced with a challenge if one of the parties has been offered a job overseas. Oftentimes, Canadian common-law status is not recognized legally in other countries, so couples must marry to achieve a legal relationship status. Other couples are moving overseas with their Canadian partners to take care of various family/personal matters which requires the legal marriage certificate to ensure visa applications will be accepted.

3. Adoption

In some countries, including Canada, it’s been observed that a legal marriage status improves a couple’s chances at successfully adopting a child.

4. Marriage, Birth, and Mortgages

Couples from traditional, old-school families are seeking a legal marriage prior to major life events, like: having children, moving in together and purchasing their first home. Also, if couples are purchasing homes or land overseas, a legal marriage certificate may be required to have both parties listed as owners.

5. Cost Savings

Although many couples have faced financial burdens associated with rescheduling their celebrations and losing deposits due to lockdowns, others have viewed this year as an opportunity to avoid the financial stress that can come from large weddings. Small weddings are definitely in right now.

6. Introverts

Small weddings are beneficial for saving money, and they also provide an excellent “excuse” to keep ceremonies intimate and significantly limit the guest list.

7. Dates

In Canada, it’s usually difficult to line up the best vendors for Saturday wedding dates in the summer months, pandemic or not, because they are always booked well in advance. Now, it’s more popular than ever to pick a non-traditional day of the week to get married, like getting married on a Friday. Additionally, some people believe there are certain dates to get married on, in order to bring good luck to marriage. Others believe some dates are important to them based on sentimental anniversaries such as when they met, or to honour the passing of a loved one.

8. Benefit Plans

Some companies will only add the spouse to group benefit packages or to a pension when the couple is legally married.

9. Health Matters

When a partner’s health takes a turn for the worst, many people see marriages as a rite of passage to solidify their relationship. More frequently, couples have family members with limited life expectancy so they seek a small ceremony in order to include these loved ones in the celebrations and memories.

10. Same-Sex Marriage Status

Although legally recognized in Canada, same-sex couples, who are working on all of the reasons listed above, may need their marriage certificate for both legal and personal reasons.

Marriage isn’t in lockdown

So, there are plenty of reasons people are still getting married right now. Above all, do what’s right for you and stay safe!

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